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Wiiloveit wrote:

Doki Doki Majo Shinpan.




I agree on the Jak games because it really was an interesting story unlike the common technique of throwing a bunch of garbage into the mix about the world should become filled with tree huggers and befriend everyone

ganondwarf has always been short


either that or Majoras Mask

ganondwarf has always been short


theblackdragon wrote:

@Kim Jong-Il: The World Ends with You is probably the most original thing Square has had a hand in in years. Definitely agreeing with you there.

Also, Suikoden II has been my favorite game ever since I played it for the first time. It follows the story of two boys who each gain a half of one of the 27 True Runes and, thanks to its power, end up each working to stop the war occurring in the game, but in radically (tragically?) different ways. If ever there was a game where you want to get the 'best' ending, this is it, IMO. It's a long game if you're looking to complete it fully (longer if you take time to play through the first game to its 'best' ending so that you can recruit the main Suikoden character and his servant, who gives you like the best recipe for the cooking battles in the game, but i ramble) and if you take time to keep your characters leveled (a must for the Luca Blight three-part battle, to be honest). (almost) every single recruitable character has an interesting backstory that adds to the richness of the plot (especially if you play the games in order, but it's not absolutely necessary to understand the plot), and the sidequests are really fun(ny), too.

It is not worth the $120+ people want for it on eBay, though.

+1. Still feels like the early Suikoden's really got jumped in notoriety. Also Chrono Trigger and Lunar 1&2.




1. Legend of Zelda Orcarina of Time
the ending and travelling through time was epic.
2. Metroid prime series
okay, this one is hard to figure out, but watching Dark Samus' plan crumble, and resurface stronger was great to me.
3. Fire Emblem (PoR, than RD)
this greatly deep story was filled with exellent characters and great plot twists (i.e. whaa? Bengion vs. Laguz the whole time?)
4. bioshock
just a great story all around (whould you kindly?) along with the story of rapture's rise and fall the whole time
5. Armored Core: For Answer
wile the ORCA and Collared storylines were decent, the path where you team up with Old King and destroy one of the Cradles, killing 100,000,000 people was very dark and great.
(SUPER EDIT) i also loved the character development of Old King, Otsdarva (the most complex character yet, changing between Otsdarva of Collard and Thermidor of ORCA) and White Glint
6. Fallout 3
for characters liek John Henry Eden, Gary, and Liberty Prime

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I agree with "The World Ends With You." Sure, there were only 4 playable characters (and only two were in battle at one time), the game spans for 21 + 1 days and is all set in Shibuya, but that game proved that less does not necessarily mean worse.

In my opinion, the Boktai series (GBA + DS) and Mother 3 have the best storylines.

(By the way, I was checking this article for a good game to buy. I am considering "Final Fantasy X," yet that would have to come after "Retro Game Challenge." You know why...)

Actually, I like Bowser AND hairy bellies!


TWEWY would get my nomination for recent times, I found myself always desperate to find out more about what was really going on. Couple that with wonderful art style and tension raised by playing with characters you dont fully trust and battling other characters you feel could be fantastic partners for you was something I hadn't experienced in a game before.



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