Topic: Giving away Darkrai Download Codes. 34 in total.

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A friend of mine goes dumpster diving behind gamestop. Back in June, he found around 50 Darkrai codes sealed off in a new package in the dumpster. Quite a few have been used and they work, the thing in the back hasn't been scratched off either. Since they expire on August 31st and I still have 34 left, I thought about giving them out to anybody who wants one or ended up missing out on them back when they were originally available. Just reply and let me know that you want a code and I'll give you it.
I'm not sure what the best way of going about this is though. Don't know if posting the code here is fine or if some other means would be preferable.

edit: I don't know if this forum/topic is allowed here. I checked the rules and don't think this technically breaks any rules. I just want to give the codes away before they expire, then they would just go to waste.

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