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I am playing through I am Setsuna on my Switch. Really pretty game, for a game so melancholic. Really enjoying how traditional most of it is, I am not sure why this clicks and the newest Dragon Quest didn't. But there we go.

About the only thing I don't really care for much in this game are the battle system "twists". I understand that it connects back to the original Chrono Trigger system, but I just wish they'd let turn based JRPGs just be turn based.

The wait around so a circle fills up, so I can press an extra button on my attacks for additional effects/damage just isn't interesting at all. As that is literally what I am doing, I am just waiting in real time so I can press an extra button. Like how is that a good idea? Rather than picking the attack/spell you want to use when it is your turn, instead just wait around a bit first?

I like the ability to combo attacks and the singularity system can be interesting, but if you remove the glorified QTE system or at least took away the need to just hang about and wait for something to fill up first before you attack, the battle system would just be way better to me.

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@Anti-Matter actually the earliest known instance of pay to win and micro transactions dates back to Double Deagon 3 arcade. There was a shop i the game but items did not cost in game currency, it actually costed you quarters for items.

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Currently playing through Ys8 as I been a long time fan since the PCE/turbo version of books 1 and 2. Fantastic action game and a great game to play on my switch. I wish we would get more ys games in the switch, but oh well.
Hoping ti beat Ys before Metroid Dread comes out. Also thinking of finally tackling Either The Caligula Effect overdose or Octopath Traveller



Just started Nier Replicant. I played about an hour, and it’s pretty great so far. Not used to the blood, given that I mostly played T rated games, but so far it’s pretty great. The story of the game so far is also interesting, despite not being much in the first hour. The shades are compelling enemies, and characters like Weiss are humorous. The beginning part confused me deeply, since you’re pretty much hit with a false beginning that takes place in 2055 or 2056, and then after 1,412 years later, the true story actually starts.

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Well, i still keep playing Yokai Watch 3 Tempura 3DS.
I have accumulated 169 hours gameplay.
Still keep grinding my Yokai team.

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1. Dance Dance Revolution
2. Para Para Paradise
3. DrumMania
4. Beatmania IIDX
5. Pop'n Music
6. KeyboardMania
7. Martial Beat

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I cleared Tales of Arise (Steam) the other day, and it was pretty fantastic. It's more an evolution of the series rather than a table upturning revolution, but the many small changes made make it the best Tales game in a long time.

World structure isn't all that much removed from Berseria (in fact, it's probably more linear), so this definitely isn't some sort of open world transformation, however combat is much easier to grasp than the past couple games and your party will be performing fun, slick, & flashy combos of death in no time. That's not to say it's an easier game though, as I found that it was prudent to have cooking buffs active whenever entering new areas/fighting bosses to stay competitive (which isn't something I really had to do in past Tales games), and at the very start (with just 1 or 2 party members) even basic enemies could KO me with 2-3 hits. This MAY be part of a balancing push to get the player to buy the various buff/boost DLCs (of which I didn't partake), but to be honest I never once felt the need to grind for story purposes, and managed to beat bosses 3-4 levels higher than myself without much trouble. I only had one grinding session (maybe an hour long), and it was for the strongest optional boss (strongest before post game anyhow, which I haven't fully explored). The only other slight bugbear in the combat in my mind is that in late game your spellcasters get flashy screen filling attacks that can make it difficult to see the action at times.

There's a lot of other small changes that really add to the experience too (in addition to the lush modern graphical presentation). With the exception of the side quest dialogue nearly everything is fully voice acted, including EVRY skit, which by the way are now fully animated affairs (like living manga panels), and your different costume/weapon choices are reflected in all skits & cutscenes (except for the few anime cutscenes, naturally). The reintroduction of sci-fi elements to the series (in fact, I'd say the most sci-fi premise I've experienced from the series, though it's still full of fantasy too) makes the world building much more interesting than Zestiria or Berseria, and while I could see some coming, there were quite a few twists in the story & lore that were very interesting. I almost want to say it seems Xenoblade inspired (with dual low tech & high tech planets), but it still feels very much it's own thing. Character designs are generally pretty good, and their personalities play off each other nicely. Finally, while it may seem a bit heavier narrative wise than past games (honestly, I think Berseria may be just as heavy, though Arise's updated graphical presentation just makes it hit home a bit more), it still remembers to have a lighter side, in fact, I like to call it Tales of Owl-rise, lol.

For full disclosure, I did buy the Swimsuit DLC for the female party members, which does come with an extra branch to each of their skill trees. I don't believe these offer unique skills though, just further boosts to skills they learn in-game.

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I'm currently playing Tales of Arise right and it's awesome. Easily the best Tales game yet.

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Blue Reflection 2 is coming to the Switch, can’t wait…………!

The PSVR is the best VR system on the market today.


I was trying to get through Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology, but my friend has suddenly decided to get his hands on a 3DS and try Pokemon X for the first time, so now I've switched all my focus to playing Y alongside him and raising a team so we can battle.

Historia has been fun so far, though it's really not a good game to take pauses between plays. Every time I come back I struggle to remember what on earth was happening.

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@Maximumbeans Yeah, Radiant Historia does that to you especially with the time shifts.
Same thing has happened to me multiple times with Persona 5 until I droppped it.
Picked it up later with P5R and got throught it in two months. It was a fun ride but I gotta say Persona 2 is my favourite so far.

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@Nephestinus The storyline in the menu is helpful but I feel like it often doesn't recap in quite enough detail. I end up replaying through chunks of the story to try and jog my memory a lot. Great game thus far though.



Does anyone here know if The Caligula Effect 2 is any good?
I´m thinking about picking that game up but am undecided. Maybe pick up the first one or maybe non. Those games look mildly interesting and intriguing.


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@Maximumbeans A Storyline in the menu can only do so much, maybe a movie recap or something would be nice for longer jrpgs tho

@CactusMan The second one isn't even out yet.
The first one is pretty boring though. Doubt the second one will be better. The best thing about these games is the art. The battle system is innovative and you can combo off of other abilities and skills and since it's real time you can adjust when to hit them.
However if you want to get your hands on some useful skills you gotta talk to NPCs that randomly walk through the school halls. Once you've talked to them once you register their phone number and can message them. You have to communicate with them through your phone and can only give/get the same questions/answers. Once you're interacted with them enough you get a skill. There are around 500 skills you can get through this method and for some certain ones you need a certain relationship with student A to get to student B to get skill C - It's a pretty bad system.
The mouths don't move when they speak and iirc they don't change expressions either in 3D cutscenes. The story is also pretty interesting for the first few hours - that's what got me through 5 hours of that game but I dropped it pretty fast because you didn't really get anywhere.

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I might be moody sometimes but I swear I'm not a bad guy. :]
I just have a lot on my plate.


Started playing Tales of Crestoria during my lunch breaks (hey, it's not like I can drag my Switch with me to work), and I'm liking it so far. I usually jump off these free gacha games after a month or two, but I do love the fact that instead of just 2D artwork or chibi renditions, all characters are full sized 3D renders.

Of course being a phone game it's completely stripped bare of exploration & it's all combat (and turn based at that, so don't expect a traditional Tales experience in that regard either), but it works well for the setup IMO, and good for a few quick rounds.

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