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It looks like a child of Jaguar and X360



Dave24 wrote:

It looks like a child of Jaguar and X360

is there a video of that on some adult site?
somebody make a mockup !!

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I don't mean to put Amazon down.... but what the heck are they doing?
They gotta create interesting new IPs....
Get Indie support....
I mean... there's just so much work and effort that goes into creating a console....
I hope they know what they are doing.

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That looks like an amazon-brand accesory for other consoles.


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^There's not really any evidence that Amazon is making a console, though...and no, a possibly doctored photo of what looks like a Retron 5 controller with Wii Buttons and a 360 stick does not exactly constitute for "proof"...

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There's been rumor of this for awhile but until Amazon announces it I put no faith in it. If they do it will probably be another failed Android based console. - Dayman
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I heard its getting a superior version of that Zombie U masterpiece



Unless your name is Valve, right now is just a really bad time for anyone to be jumping into the console business...

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....Yeah not happening. lol

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Amazon already favors Sony to a ridiculous level (try looking at ANY system and you'll get Sony ads, but not the other way around if you're looking at a Sony console) I don't think they're going to ditch a cash cow that makes money for them without doing any real work.

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I hope they do enter the console scene them and google, no guarantee they will be any good, but this gen has been so uninteresting to me; be nice if some company could shake things up a bit.



Wow this is funny looking back at this thread now. Still debating on picking a Fire up though but I heard that the controllers are on back order until May.

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