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4CDF-0000-03CE-3189 I know my bio says it's a troll level, but it's not unfair hard. OK, I admit, it is a touch unfair. But if you can beat other 'troll' levels, you should beat this after a few goes. Okay, enough rambling.

Own up to Joy-Con Drift, Nintendo. We all know it's your fault


Let's keep that Wii U version smokin', folks! That will get us geared up just fine for the Switch sequel. The switchuel.

I don't quite have lots o' loot, because I'm from the Boot.
(Currently seeking Stars.)

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Hey fellow SMM loons!

I'm getting ready for Super Mario Maker 2 on the Switch, so I'm looking to warm up with some of your Wii U SMM levels. I will be uploading to my YouTube channel on Monday 6th May, so make sure you get them in quick! I'm no Kaizo material, but I don't mind a good troll

Go nuts!

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Retro Pac-Man Pack-a-nistic, really quite precocious!

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