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Hi! Welcome to the unofficial Nintendo Switch Online Hate Thread! This is where you can express your hatred for Nintendo's terrible Online 'service'.

Do not spread positiveness about the Nintendo Switch Online 'service'. You will be asked to leave.
Genders are irrelevant. We are all equal. Discrimination results in discrimination.
Criticize ideas, not people. If you criticize people, you will be reported.
Do not give away personal details such as your email address, phone number, real name etc. You will be reported.
Do not get angry at others. This is a Hate Thread. You're meant to hate on Nintendo Switch Online.
Do not report people for no reason. You will be blocked.
Have fun! You're meant to.

Now let's see some hate!

Own up to Joy-Con Drift, Nintendo. We all know it's your fault


PolarExperience wrote:

I would recommend voicing your opinion in the NES Online or NSO Subscription threads:

General NSO:

....Yeah let's go with that.

My Monster Hunter Rise Gameplay

Discord server:
Keep it PG-13-ish.


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