Topic: Is it okay if I tell people it's my mum playing when I lose online?

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I know this sounds silly but this is a moral conflict I've been struggling with for many years now.

Whenever I begin losing to other players online, I instantly jump to telling people that I was just letting my mum try out the game. I have been thinking about this a lot lately - not only am I being dishonest but I am also unfairly making my mum look bad at games that she could be perfectly good at.

I just want to know if anyone else does something similar and if it's justified that I spend a lot of the time during the day and all of the time at night thinking about it

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I think you've really thrown your mum under the bus, not cool! Buy her dinner and tell her what you have done. Only she can forgive you. Make a vow it won't happen again and then let her play a few rounds of Fortnite just to see how she holds up. Maybe then when you start losing you can hand it to your mum and then it will be true!



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