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@Kermit1 Well I mean sometimes you like the people you're chatting with...
But yeah otherwise valid

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@LilyGoMEOW sorry I don’t do livestreams I am a fan of longplay episodic series without cuts which I guess are similar to live strams in which case I highly recommend GT live and super beard bros. Neither play JRPGs but both play indies

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guardians 3 is incredible


I'm going to extend my list more broadly to stuff that I think is worth recommending. Mostly because I just went through my youtube subscriptions and realised that I don't subscribe to that many gaming channels. And I certainly don't subscribe to many that are both still active and I would go out of my way to recommend

Gaming related:
Summoning Salt: Has a great series on game speedrun histories
WULFF DEN: Gaming hardware and accessory discussions. Mostly relating to emulation hardware
Digital Foundry: I don't subscribe to them but they're one of the few channels in gaming I think have both a slick presentation and know what they're talking about
Something is Real: Has been posting 90s musics with SM64 soundfonts, which is fun
Kaze Emanuar: Does super technical deep-dives into optimising code for the N64
Game Theory: No explanation needed

Science/Tech more broadly:
Linus Tech Tips: Don't really need to explain. The biggest tech channel on youtube and deservedly so. I've been watching their content for over a decade
Techmoan: Middle aged dude goes deep into old hardware, usually old AV gear
Technology Connections: Basically Techmoan but with a bit of a wider perspective
ElectroBOOM: High voltage go boom
Jeff Geerling: Getting a bit into the weeds with tech here and I do watch a few channels like this. I feel like Jeff is probably the best presented out of them
CGP Grey: I follow a few science/educational channels and was wondering which one I should put on this list. I feel like CGP Grey is the most consistent and easiest to recommend. Although it's not really a "science" channel but still

Some other channels:
Corridor Digital: Been following them for ages, since the FreddieW days. But they've fairly recently gained a new audience with their VFX artists react content. I generally don't like "react" content but I think there's a space for it when the content is the value-add part and by the end of it you still want to watch the original
Lock Picking Lawyer: Simple channel, does pretty much what you'd expect
Jay Foreman: You know that show on Netflix that got some traction recently, Cunk on Earth? This channel is basically that-ish. Except about London Infrastructure, Maps and other related stuff
Simone Giertz: "Let's build something silly to a super, super high standard"
Legal Eagle: Lawyer talks about Law in pop-culture and current events
Cinema Therapy: Basically "therapist reacts to movies"
The Needle Drop: Music reviews. Honestly I watch his second channel more, mostly Let's Argue
Rob Scallon: Guitar channel but has expanded. The longer form videos he's been doing recently where he talks about obscure instruments is pretty solid

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My god, that YahTab youtuber looks pure toxic. I will never click play.

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@WoomyNNYes Yeah I just scrolled through his vids and... I can understand why he doesn't have a lot of subscribers
Trying to make those kinds of toxic videos never works out...

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@Professor_Plumber I have taken my time to find the perfect content for Nintendo fans.

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Gotta recommend Mah-Dry-Bread for Pokemon challenges. He just seems like a genuine guy. His repetitive gags can be a bit divisive, but for me, it adds to his charm!


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