Topic: Why Rocket League Could Potentially Be A Major Pick Up for Nintendo.

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Rocket League has major potential to be a door opener for the Switch.

1. The single most important evidence for this is Rocket League's name brand status. It's a game people just know sort of like Minecraft, it stands out as a positive endorsement of any platform it's on. Which can and in this case will lead directly to more Switch demand. As people want the Switch simply to play RL on the go. Some of these players are those who haven't bought a Nintendo console in years. It might only take a small drop of Nintendo magic through maybe an impulse buy of BOTW, Mario Kart 8, or Mario Odyssey to hook these players going forward.

2. I've said from the beginning the first major third party support to release on Switch will be swamped in cash (I don't really count Minecraft). But even in the case of Minecraft, it's been Number one on the best seller list for a couple weeks, players crave the occasional good third party game. And if the Nintendo fan base decided to go for RL in masses, well there's simply no better reason for a studio to support a console other than proven sales. RL happens to be a game that can achieve those sales, and provide comfort to third parties on the fence.

3. Cross-platform support is a major bonus for the game. This is the second game this week that Nintendo has secured cross-platform support with (Minecraft), and it helps boost the image of the Switch being in the same league of the other big players. It's not just the PS4, Xbox, and PC working together, while the Switch is pushed off to the corner. It's specific effort to provide the same experience on the Switch as the other players, and in this case Nintendo actually has something over the PS4. As they declined to participate in cross-platform capabilities. Overall I'm just really happy with what Nintendo was able to accomplish here, but they still have a long way to go.



I agree, this has potential to be a big deal, and I'm surprised it didn't seem to get a huge reaction amongst the Nintendo faithful. People talk a lot about the lack of third-party games. Well, here you go, one very prominent third-party multi-platform game that actually plays cross-plat. You know devs and publishers are going to be watching this to see how it does, both functionally and in sales.

Sad to say, I have very little interest in Rocket League myself. I don't like sports or sports games, have no interest in competitive multiplayer, and only like cars a very little bit. Try as I might, the game is so far outside my wheelhouse I can't summon the interest. But I'll still be following the reviews on this, because my daughter may like it.

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@Zyrac I must admit, there was a time when I wasn't a believer either! I remember my friend telling me about Rocket League and referring to it as 'the future' - but just not getting wasn't until I saw it in a PS4 sale and picked it up heavily discounted (its well worth the full RRP by the way) and had my first full session with the game that I finally understood what all the fuss was about! It's an incredible game - and I'm so excited that it's coming to the Switch!

Kind of like Breath of the Wild, the game is built on the foundations of a great physics engine - everything just works as it's supposed to - but everything else on top of that is great as well...

  • It's full of action
  • It's balanced (no performance upgrades, all vehicles equal - only aesthetic touches)
  • There's cross-network play
  • Disconnects are handled very well
  • The quick-chat system is a work of art
  • There are free content updates w/ a few reasonably priced, non-money grabbing, non-performance enhancing DLC items thrown in if you want them (..or if you just want to continue to support the developers by giving them a few £/€/$/¥‎'s periodically!)
  • There's a range of game-modes
  • The match-making/ranking system is fantastic
  •'s just hella addictive!

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Would love to see LoL but it seems this is the same class.

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@JasmineDragon You should definitely consider buying this for her, especially since it allows up to four player local co-op online. It might a fun family experince even though it's not exactly your cup of tea.

@NaviAndMii I've always wanted to play RL never had chance to until now!

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