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In this place that has 6 walls, 4 around me and 2 above me, and one of the 4 walls has a hole in it with another wall but that wall can move. I sit in the middle of 6 walls.

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WoomyNNYes wrote:

I only play in the timeline where the name "karen" was ruined shortly after the switch released. XD
I prefer playing on a tv screen, only play docked. I would love a tv-only nintendo console that isn't a tablet built around a rechargeable battery locked inside. -actual battery access would solve that complaint.

rooftop karen<3

I miss Karen...
I miss that time around when the Switch was announced...

On topic, usually handheld, sometimes TV and at Work and Home... So far haven't lost it!

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@NeonPizza Yep pretty much lol. I have never been a big handheld gamer. Even going back to my original Grey brick pea soup colored screen Gameboy that baby was only used when I couldn't play on my NES like cartrips or my Grandparents place.

Don't get me wrong I enjoyed my time with the Gameboy lines and the DS and 3DS and they had some great games but for me gaming is on a big screen with a drink nearby while relaxing on the sofa. That's one reason that VR doesn't do it for me. I am glad we have that technology for those who enjoy that sort of thing but yeah maybe I am just old fashioned but it ls just not the same for me.

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Typically I’ll play it in handheld in by bedroom or living room, sometimes docked in my living room, and I would obviously have to play handheld while I’m out.



Probably around 60% hooked up to my TV at home, ~30% handheld at home, and 10% out-and-about.

skywake wrote:

For other games I'll kinda use my Switch more like it's a game cartridge if that even makes sense? Like I'll bring it along for a games night and friends/relatives will also bring theirs and we'll just rotate consoles in the dock. This is usually how Smash, Mario Kart and if I'm being honest... 90% of the time Jackbox Party Packs get played

I think this is really an understated benefit of the Switch (even though it was a highlighted feature as far back as the initial reveal trailer). Whereas local multiplayer is all-but absent on most modern consoles, I'd argue that it's never been better on the Switch, in part because it's never been easier to take your whole console and games library with you.

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This whole thread makes me think they could have released a Nintendo switch tv model for the same price as the lite and a lot of us would be happy.



Handheld mode. Lying on my bed with the pillow propped up. It's incredibly comfortable.



I mostly play handheld, usually when the Mrs wants the main TV to watch something I don't want too 🫢☺️



Nowadays I just play my Switch in the living room of my apartment.

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The gym, at home and at GF’s house….



I primarily play mine at home either on the TV or handheld. I did take it with me when I travelled out of state on an airplane once though. I just kind of look at the system as more of a home console than a portable, though I enjoy both functions.

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No WC game play yo relief oneself. I play where I can inbed, couch, family room carpet, basement cave, car, airport, hospital waiting room, fastfood eating(no), passenger in car, airplane traveler, Docked hotel TV if one brings cable setup, and at work. Anything missed.



I don't know man, I've got the PSVR2 which i'm guessing you haven't tried out since you're rocking the Series X & Switch combo. Let me just say that Resident Evil: VIllage VR is hands down a absolute must play. Let me tell you, you're doing yourself a major disservice by passing on this experience...If you can handle Horror in VR and not get motion sickness, this is the one to play. If it meant i had to shell out $800-900 CAD for the VR2 and this was the only game i could experience I'd still do it.

There's this in-game VR cutscene where your character opens his eyes during this 5 mistress/Lord gathering during an underground area in the Castle, at around 2 hours into the game. You see this rambling dancing marionette zombie-puppet thing 2-3 feet away from you, and you look to your right and see this disgusting monstrous jittery cackling ogre etc etc. My jaw nearly hit the floor. Instantly blown away. THAT was the VR2 moment for me, so far. I've thrown in 2+ hours on both the Flat screen version of RE5 and the VR2 version, just to compare and while both versions have their pro's and con's, the VR for me personally definitely comes out on top.

RE8 has been excellent on my 65" 4K TV on PS5. You're getting native 4K, the visuals haven't been compromised, there's no occasional arm jankyness during cutscenes, and because it's not in VR the cut scenes automatically show the player where you're supposed to be looking, as it retains that cinematic flare/spectacle during these moments as it would with a movie, where as in VR you can look anywhere during these moments for better or worse, missing those fine details that you would of spotted on a TV.

However, in VR it's an experience. The Immersion, jump scares, intensity and fun factor sky rocket!
You're getting full scale/life sized characters and environments, stereoscopic 3D, you're thrown into the game itself, and with 1:1 motion based aiming where you can even manually(Or automatically, to make things simpler) reload your weapons, you can wield a flash light in one hand and a handgun in the other(etc). When all said and done, it completely destroys the thumb stick aiming in the PS5 version, no contest. It's unreal. in VR, village makes it feel like you're partaking in some fantastical horror-gothic disney theme park attraction. Playing it on a TV, well, makes it feeling you're playing a video game. BTW, you can play RE: Village VR sitting down, it doesn't require you to stand up at all.

I had to hold off with VR2, since i'm waiting for my prescription lenses to arrive in the mail. 3 more weeks. eek! I just think it's super cool that gamers have the option to bounce from Console gaming, Handheld/Table top & VR. variety variety.

But back to Switch in handheld. I find it more suitable for Gameboy & GBA NSO titles, just anything that's retro pixel based. I tried more modern graphically intensive games like Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, DK Tropical freeze and so on, and I just couldn't get into them in either Handheld or TableTop mode, and i couldn't stand having the top of my headphone jack popping off the top of the system. But back to GB & GBA NSO, I still prefer playing them in 1:1 pixel perfect mode on my TV, I just can't get into handheld gaming anymore. What made the 3DS so special was that it offered 3D, Augmented Reality, Dual Screens and Stylus controls. The Switch in handheld/TT is almost just a traditional console on the go, it's not exactly doing anything differently than playing it on a TV, other than transforming from Handheld to Table top. Plus it can't microwave TMNT Turtle pies, so why even bother?

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Front room docked, near the kitchen and the bathroom so it's the most convenient way for me. I'm the same as OP in that I can't get comfy with it in bed for some reason. I used to play primarily handheld for some reason and now I'm almost exclusively docked unless I'm sick and it hurts my eyes or I'm playing a touch-screen rhythm game.

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