Topic: What do you want to build with Toy Con Garage?

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A good Zelda game



@NintyPricer The obvious first application is going to be battlebots. In fact, I'm kind of shocked this wasn't one of the launch kits.

But seriously, it's really hard to say what the system is capable of. Can we patch into all of the Switch's systems and do whatever we want, or are we limited to a simple mix and match of basic functions? I suspect it's the latter.

If everything is open, the answer is, of course, battlebots.

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Depends on the exact modules/opportunities provided by the ToyCon garage. Those are the limiting factors, not our imagination.

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One idea I have is maybe somehow making a game where you have the two RC cars, and whoever knocks over the most markers wins a game. Idk if that'll be possible, but I guess we'll have to wait until it releases to see


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Dance Dance Revolution Toy-Con Mix.

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Laser tag system where joycons are guns and switch is mounted in a robot-style chest-piece. Could go wrong so easily, but do-able!


Bartender simulation, where joycons are shakers and then placed like drinks on Switch "bar".

Edit: Probably not suitable for kids.

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A theremin. And a "tactile" audio effect processor similar to Korg's Kaoss Pad, only waving the joycon rather than touching a pad. Or a lap steel - that would be really neat.

That's the only way that Labo could be palatable for me - musical devices that I wouldn't be able to afford otherwise and whose sounds are manipulable in some way. Not really into simulating stuff I already have around the house.

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A good Winter Olympics tie-in



The limit for some things will be the number of joycons that you own/can use.



With 8 Joy Cons, I can imagine things getting pretty complex. Especially since the Joy-Con IR sensors can trigger different conditions based on where and what shape the reflective tape is in the Camera's view. So the amount of inputs is only limited to the maximum number of different reflective tape configurations detectable by the cameras without error, multiplied by 8.

Now if only the outputs were more varied. The things you can do with the screen don't really seem that flexible.

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