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I'm going to be working in a kids camp the day of the Nintendo E3 showcase, and I won't be able to watch it until later that evening. I mainly just want to watch the Smash trailers, and as these should be the last 2 Smash trailers for Ultimate, I do NOT want to be spoiled. What would be my best bet to... get to the E3 presentation without being spoiled of who it is? Like, I could Google/Youtube search it, but then the Smash fighters will likely come up as a first result (Curse you IGN and Prosafia Gaming!!!). Thanks.



Maybe you could leave Nintendo's Youtube channel open on your computer, then just refresh the page when you get home. The only danger is they might also upload the Smash trailer(s) separately with the fighter name in the title. I'm not sure if they would do that straight away or not.

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@IceClimbersMain you could create a thread a forum on here, refresh it when you’re finished at the camp and have someone upload the video to you. Or have someone send you them directly.


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Get a buddy to send you a link to the E3 direct after it airs (sometimes Nintendo takes down the livestream / premiere version of the video and re-uploads as a regular VOD shortly after, so a link to the livestream / premiere might be dead by the time you get to it).

Nintendo's usually good about not putting spoilers in the thumbnail (asides that one mini direct they dropped a few years ago that featured all the big reveals in the thumb... but I think they've learned since then), but you might wanna cover the right side of the screen if you're on desktop and don't want the related/recommended videos to spoil anything.


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Thanks for all the ideas! I think I'm gonna have a friend send me the link, even though he's not someone who would even know E3 exists lol. Then I guess I'll just have to fullscreen it immediately, and then I'll be all set.



I could also use this, there have been E3s where it was impossible to avoid things before watching it.

The only way I thought of in the past was to search "Nintendo E3" on Youtube, go to the inevitable actual Direct, immediately full screen.

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I would favorite the Nintendo Twitch Page, and then watch the Direct VOD. It's safer than Youtube, since Nintendo doesn't need to reupload the direct as a normal video, and they won't put spoilers in the thumbnail. The Nintendo channel on youtube could potentially put spoilers on other videos, and refreshing the page wouldn't be the best bet if you miss the direct, since they usually take the thing down and reupload it.

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I would go with @Blooper987 Idea or @VoidofLight 's idea, I don't really have one my self.

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