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@Super_Gravy i did pick up the xbox version & it’s (somewhat unsurprisingly given i’m playing on the X) noticeably better than the switch version frames wise, i’m really enjoying it now.

I need to try it more in handheld mode to give a definitive answer as to whether i’m overall disappointed; I certainly am in docked mode compared to FEW/HW - which is rare for me to even notice frames etc - but others here seem to be fine with it?

Not sure how well it runs on stock ps4/xbox but this vid says switch vs ps4 (no mention of pro) & it looks to be performing well, more concerning is the switch fluctuating between 15-25fps;



Ahh thank you! Did you play Warriors Orochi 3 in the past?

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@BrainOfGrimlock Ugh, 25 FPS max on Switch?

HARD pass.

And usually around 15? That's as [removed] as DW8 was on Vita.

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@Super_Gravy yeah I played the heck out of WO3, completed it both ‘vanilla’ & ‘ultimate’. WO3U may just be my favourite warriors title overall, although i’d have to think about it as i’ve loved some of the other titles too (DW4 being a particular highlight back in the day!).

I tend to pick all of the warriors releases up - it’s been my ‘brain-off guilty pleasure’ for as long as I can remember, although i’ve lost a little faith recently with some of the dlc shenanigans and DW9 which - to each their own - I couldn’t stand.

How does WO4 stack up? You might see criticism that it’s a rush job or that they cut corners - it’s hard to compare it to WO3 now because I can’t remember what was in the base game; compared to WO3U though it does feel a little bare-bones in some ways BUT i’m still having plenty of fun with it so i’m not too worried. I expect there’ll be an ultimate version at some point too if you’re considering holding off (not like there’s a shortage of games atm!).

@Hikaru it ‘only’ drops to 15 at the busiest of on-screen times but as you’d expect it can be pretty noticeable. Will be interesting to see if they can fix it through patches - although small comfort for people who can’t tolerate it but have bought it. I think it’s still playable but definitely detracts a little (hence why i grabbed another version) so there will be others who hate it as a result and not sure I can really blame them?




I did played the vanilla version but never the ultimate version. How bare-bone is the game compared to ultimate version.

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