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Many now know that the upcoming new Nintendo Switch's launch price, could range anywhere from
$250 to $350 (Wii U launch price). Because of the (below expected) revenue for Nintendo's Wii U console, rumors are now saying that Nintendo will launch the Switch at a lower and rather more affordable price than the Wii U was when it launched. Is $250 reasonable? Is $300? When it comes down to it, the price will mostly depend on the quality of graphics the console provides, how many games are compatible to play on the Switch, how durable and portable they claim it to be, etc. So will $250 - $300 be worth buying the new Nintendo Switch?


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I'm expecting 250-350 USD just because Nintendo doesn't sell at a loss. However I'm ok with that pricing. 400 and below is my preferred range for consoles. Is it Janurary yet?

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Indy_coo wrote:

So will $250 - $300 be worth buying the new Nintendo Switch?

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I'm locking this thread because we have a main Switch thread, and the question you've asked has kinda been asked a ton of times and gets the same response - we don't know what we'll be buying or how much it will cost, and won't know until January. Maybe such a topic deserves it's own thread once the prices/bundles have been announced, but until then this is just repetitive blind speculation that can be done in the main Switch thread.

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