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Wait, is there really no discussion for this on the forums? Well, better start one.

I've never played Street Fighter too much. The most I've played of it is Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition, and the account that game was bought on was later deleted, so I can't even play it anymore. So, I felt no remorse in buying this, even though it is a rather samey remake. I think the game is quite good. There is enough content for me, at least. I currently main Akuma, but I am awful at the game! And I think that's fine. I enjoy improving at games, especially fighting games.

By the way, if there is a thread for this game, please point me there and feel free to lock this thread. I just couldn't find one.

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i regret buying this game. but I'll keep it for the rare wanna play it again.
Online mode is garbage. no one to play with and laggy slaggy.



There is another thread, but it hasn't been very active. Shame, because this is still a great game. I don't feel like much value has been added, but this is still SFII.

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@Samus7Killer @Nintendoer theres another thread, but it's dormant. Can't find it easy on mobile atm.

I think the player population is playing ARMS right now, and the serious players are waiting for the arcade stick in a few weeks. It was pretty populated 2 weeks ago... never waited more than a few secs for a match. Usf2 sold petty well!

Great game...i was addicted.... never played sf2 before, and was anazed i didn't totally suck! DJ/Chun main for me. but I'm also glued to arms for the moment. And haven't picked this up again.



@NEStalgia I think I can play both this and ARMS. ARMS is a very different experience than USFII.

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@Nintendoer yeah, i was playing both during testpunch, but both games, while different are addicting... and once you burn out on the frantic action of one, its nice switching to disgaea... Or minecraft... if i ever figure out how to not suck at that

But yeah, its totally worth it otherwise. Ill probably get into it again when my Hori stick arrives only game i have along with neo geo shmuos to make it sing.



@NEStalgia Yeah ARMS has taken priority. Enjoying reading that main ARMS thread. I'm enjoying more than i thought... I'm liking that USFII nostalgia though. It's an ok game. Obv overpriced... shoulda been $30 physical.



I like it a lot. Currently it is my second favourite Switch game, just after Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.
I have played a lot previous SF2 iterations and I like it much more than Street fighter 4.
The only thing that I don't like is the new first person mode, which is completely useless and not entertaining at all in my opinion. It would have been so much better if they put the old bonus stages where you had to break barrels, cars and a pile of bricks instead of this, they were so much fun I miss them
I noticed some graphic elements have weird white contour like they were cropped from a white background, but I can't believe they actually did something that stupid... Aside from that it is still the same extremely fun and iconic game so I am always pleased to play it.

An HD update of Street fighter Alpha 2 with the addition of a World tour mode probably would be the best Street fighter game possible, but this one is good too

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Worth it if you mainly play local multiplayer for me.

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Remember about these Street Fighter Basic Special Moves :

  • Mostly the character's Special Moves requires a Quarter of Circle to Front for Projectile attacks such as Hadouken or Kikouken or Yoga Fire. Or Frontal attacks like Spiral Arrow (Cammy). Also, thete is a Special Moves requires a Quarter of Circle to Back such as Yoga Flame.
  • Some Characters have Special Moves by Holding the Back first for 2 seconds then continue by pressing Front + Punch / Kick to unleash some attacks like Sonic Boom / Psycho Crush / Headstrike (E.Honda). Also there is also Special moves by Holding Down first for 2 seconds then continue by pressing Up + Punch / Kick to unleash Special Moves such as Spinning Bird Kick / Sommersault / Knee Head Press.
  • There are some easy Special moves by pressing Punch or Kick quickly such as Hundreds Slap (E.Honda) / Hundreds Kick (Chun Li) / Electrocute (Blanka).
  • These Special moves requires Zig Zag direction to unleash. Press Front Down Front or Back Down Back + Punch / Kick to unleash Special moves such as Shoryuken / Cannon Spike (Cammy).

Well, keep practice. Btw, the popularity of Street Fighter II was so Huge during 1993 - 1995. Even there are some parodies from Hong Kong movies with Street Fighter references (Popularized by Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, etc). I was lived on SNES games era during 90's (I was a kid) so how could I forget that Hype.

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Not much to say about a game that has been around for 20+ years. I got my copy for free and played it for maybe an hour. It is just so bare boned compared to today's fighters.

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