Topic: Tempted by Nintendo Lite - never owned a Nintendo

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Yeah that was an incredible fixture, i watched it on telly. I was at Elland Road for the Champions League games against Barcelona and AC Milan the year we got to the semis. Yeah, you're right about Bamford. We need a proper regular goalscorer. I hope Fulham get themselves up the table. You used to have some great players with Damien Duff, Clint Dempsey and Bobby Zamora



Never owned a Nintendo? wow. i cant imagine that!



@Fulham2019 I'm late but I also bought a Lite for my commute. The screen is too reflective like in the original Switch but everything else is better than the original Switch for handheld play. It's light, robust, comfortable to hold and it has a D-pad.

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Heavyarms55 wrote:

@Fulham2019 I wont recommend the Lite to anyone. As far as I am concerned it is a strictly inferior product. I just don't buy into the idea that people would not even want the option to play on a TV, ever. For those concerned with price, you can buy a used Switch pretty cheaply too. The real Switch has swappable controllers, a larger screen, and can play 100% of Switch games - there are a few the Lite does not support.

But I suppose if you honestly don't care about any of that, then the Lite is fine. Because the Switch has an absolutely stellar library of games that keeps growing! You'll never lack for choices on the Switch.

I have had mine since April 2017 and have yet to dock it. If I stuck it out with the Wii U and other consoles, the Lite would have been perfect.

That said, I do like the wider screen, table top and detachable joycons.

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I'm definitely like a 90% handheld player, but still, the 10% docked time is worth it for me. 100 bucks is just not enough to give up the total namesake of the system.

Now, a $99 Black Friday Switch Lite sale might catch my eye. Just sayin', Nintendo.



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