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Those who owned the Wii will recall that there was a migration (System Transfer) feature, which allowed the user to move their data from the Wii to the Wii U.

Since 'NX' is not part of the Wii platform, what do you believe are the chances that a user will be able to move their data over? Keep in mind; this includes games, saves, demos and more.

I'm honestly not that optimistic at the moment. One of the ways that the Wii > Wii U transfer was possible was because the Wii U simply emulated the Wii operating system, so that you could access all that content in the original format. I always felt this was a lazy approach, but so far I can't get my head around how, for example, VC titles would be playable on 'NX'.

Interested to hear all your thoughts...



Well, the WiiU actually had a Wii inside, it's probably nowhere near poweful enough to emulate it.

If the NX comes with Wii/U hardware, they may continue it, but it could also be powerful enough to emulate the wii.


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I mostly just expect backwards compatibility. Saves might not transfer over but game purchases should, and I should be able to play them on the new system. Having some sort of Streaming feature might be able to provide this, as long as it isn't as terrible as PlayStation Now

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VC titles would be easy; just sign into your Nintendo account on NX, and then download the games you bought (preferably from both Wii Shop Channel and eShop, but only the latter might be feasible. Or maybe both would be easy. Who knows?), in their new NX-compatible form, at no cost. Saves could possibly be transfered via SD cards, USB flash drives, or HDD support (the cloud would be nice too, but that's assuming Wii U would ever get support for that...and I'd be surprised if it did).

As for digital Wii U titles... well, start praying some form of backwards compatibility. If it happens, then it'd probably be the same as above.

And yeah, not sure why people say Wii U emulates the Wii menu. Even with powerful gaming rigs, people can have difficulties getting everything running on Dolphin, and yet a system that was grossly outdated in specs about 4 years ago can emulate without hitches?


Streaming "backwards compatability" would be horrible in general.

Game streaming is fine when it's in the hands of the end user (i.e. you're providing the streaming device and game). But otherwise, it's a thinly-veiled always online DRM.

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There are so many uncertainties.

The eShop is a great example, because although it houses Wii U and 3DS titles, the NX is said to be a completely new platform that has no relation to the former. So if it does have its own brand new store, then there's next to no chance of being able to transfer Wii U titles.

Another thing is of course the hardware; the CPU/architecture that Nintendo picks will impact backwards compatibility.

So though I'm normally optimistic, I'm starting to believe that the NX (during it's early life at least) won't be able to run Wii/U software - in order to create a brand new experience and phase out the Wii brand. This could also be the reason why Nintendo said that the Wii U would co-exist with NX, so that those owners could continue to use Nintendo's services while making a transition.


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