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I agree. But have you played Fifa Switch? Honestly, it's a good port. A very good port. It is missing the journey, and playing online with friends (a huge omission).

But other than that, you can not fault EA on the port.. It is good.

Unfortunately, in today's highly charged political climate... People got wind of that and ran Fifa Switch into the ground. It deserves more of a chance than it got.

From a review:
"Aside from the matches themselves, many of the features in the full-fat FIFA are cut back or missing entirely. The Journey – FIFA’s single-player story mode – is absent, and while its inclusion isn’t to everyone’s taste, it certainly adds depth and variety to the overall package. Career mode is present, however, yet it’s more inline with last year’s effort. That means this year’s headline additions, such as transfer negations, are missing, and so once again, it feels a little stale from the get-go.

FIFA Ultimate Team is included, but similarly is lacking some of the newer features. Squad building challenges and single-player draft make the cut, but they’re aimed at seasoned FUT veterans already familiar with the modes intricacies – who, in all likelihood, are already enjoying the better overall experience the game offers on other consoles."

"FUT’s entry-level mode, Squad Battles, has been left out, which is a crazy decision. Familiarising yourself with FUTs finer details by taking on teams built by other players without embarrassing yourself online seems like the perfect mode for bringing in new players on Switch and its absence is baffling."

Combine that with lack of multiplayer with friends and it's a just a recipe for low ratings. When it comes to down to it, it's just not the type of port people will get behind (the quality of it is subjective). I want as many Switch ports as possible, but mass levels of people will not purchase ports like that.

@MarcelRguez I can't fault you for that haha. You've actually probably seen it hundreds of times, but it's been re-released so many dang times you think nothing of it haha.

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I assuming with Switch's current success we'll see Madden and/or COD in SOME FORM. Especially COD, considering they remade Modern Warfare 1 for the Wii, which is a bigger graphical downgrade than anything now. And it was actually a successful game, despite being released way after COD4's original release. And yes, it is important to get universally known games that millions upon millions of people play. But they're doing fine right now regardless, so it's not the be-all end-all either. More people play Minecraft anyway (mainly because it doesn't need a new one every single year), especially people who would ever want to buy a Nintendo console ever.

But I do agree with the point that there are/should be very few games that straight up would be too difficult to put on Switch. There were like 300 beloved games released this year, or something crazy like that, so it's fine if Switch misses the 20 or 30 that actually need the power of the PS4 (though the inevitable lack of 60 FPS Nier Automata (if it gets it at all) does make me a bit sad)

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@Whitewatermoose I still disagree that they are required, but you are right that having them is a good thing. However I still really do not want EA around. EA is a cancer on the industry. Their business model is a corrupting, greedy influence.

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