Topic: Switch thinks Parental control is on and I can't fix internet connection because it wants a code.

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My son remove parental control from my daughter's switch. He did this because she was not able to purchase things from eshop - not knowing I had to by an eshop card. He went into the parent control app and disable it. Now if I go back in it says to use a code to enable to it but the switch still thinks it is linked. The switch also can't seem to obtain an IP address. Whenever I try to manually set up wifi it ask for parental control code but that is no longer set up. I tried to do the forgot pin but the steps it gives does not work either. Not sure what to do. She can't access any games that require internet connection. I can't figure out what to do.

This is the first time I have ever gone to a forum, I apologize if I am on the wrong page etc.



@evelynritz70 Ah, nintendo support has a page for your scenario.

Forgot Parental Controls Pin

If you search the nintendo support page, they usually have good directions for most everything - it's an impressive support site. If needed, they also have a decent phone line and a chat messenger. It's fairly easy to get a person on the phone, believe it or not. If they ask for your email, don't be afraid to give it to them. They just use it to keep track of what you talk about, in case you call back.

nintendo support search/contact page

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