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Ok so heres the problem , I really want to buy a switch for its unique games like splatoon which you cant get on the 2ds xl but the 2ds xl has so many more games . Should i go for graphics(switch) or good gameplay(2ds xl)



I didn't realise that the Switch was lacking in the "good gameplay" department.

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Kiki1324 wrote:

Ok so heres the problem , I really want to buy a switch for its unique games like splatoon which you cant get on the 2ds xl but the 2ds xl has so many more games . Should i go for graphics(switch) or good gameplay(2ds xl)

Two is better than One.
Buy BOTH of them.
You will get BOTH Graphics (Switch) & More games (New 2DS XL)

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@Anti-Matter Clearly you didn't take cost into consideration here...

Anyway, I suggest buying a 2DS XL simply because it's cheaper and there's more games to enjoy right now, and they're cheaper. You can buy a Switch later, there's likely a new model coming anyway.


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The Switch already has more games than you'll be able to play, and has years more new games to come.

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Is this a serious question?



@bellow This was my first reaction as well. The only reason I could see to get the 2DS is that you don't have much spare money and want something cheap with a great library of games and don't mind that not much new is coming.

Otherwise, the switch is better in every way why would you even question it if you can afford it.



Honestly buy both. The 2DS/3DS offer great value and a library of classics and the Switch is well on its way to doing the same. You will always have something to play owning both



It's apples and oranges. Do you like retro gaming, old-school RPGs and "classic handheld" experience, complete with tiny screen? Do you not care that you will not get many new games from here on out? Do you want to save money? Buy 2DS XL.

Do you want more of a console experience on the go, will pay a lot more for games, like lots of Indies, and/or have bad eyes? Do you want to be part of a living scene, as opposed to a collectors' scene? Buy Switch.

They are both great machines. I played SO many iterations of the DS/3DS and have collected 60-odd games for it. But I literally haven't touched it since I bought my Switch. I might go back sometime, but for now it's all Switch.

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2DS XL will get you more immediate bang for your buck. Cheaper, bigger library, less expensive software, etc. etc.

Switch is an incredible new hardware innovation, though. It has a handful of genuinely great games already, and those options will only continue to expand going forward.

If you're not worried about getting all of the new games as they release, though, it might be better to go for 2DS XL and let the Switch continue to develop a good library over the next few years.

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Yes I would recommend to go for the 2ds right now and wait on the switch a bit. It's cheaper, it has tons of games, and it's more portable.

Who knows, maybe by the time you do get a switch you'll have a new model available, and many more great games you may want.


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The 3DS line has been around for a very long time and has a ton of great games. It is very likely to give you much more for the money right now. But it really depends on what kind of games you want. If you never owned a Wii U, then you've missed out on games like Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8, which are both fantastic games.


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I did it the other way around. I got dragged into the Nintendo galaxy with the Switch, but I'm only really interested in Mario (Kart) and Zelda so far. While waiting for some new games (Kirby, Yoshi, etc.) I decided to buy a New 2DS XL as well for the library (Pokemon, Mario games, several RPG's, etc.) and portability. In hindsight it would have been more logical to do this the other way around, but I'm not sorry at all. I have enjoyed so many hours of Zelda. Every week since completing the game there are a few moments where I seriously consider starting a second playthrough

So yeah... Buy both


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As it stands, I'd pick New 2DS XL. So many more quality games, and all at a better price, too.

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Depends on your preferences. If you want a console with an excellent library of games, then the 2DS XL is the better option as the Switch just came out last year.

On the other hand if you want newer games and games with better graphics and (somewhat) improved third party support, the Switch is for you.

I personally went with the latter since I always used home consoles and was comfortable with making the 'switch'. Ironically, I love it's portable aspect the most XD

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