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Hello all,
I am in the mood for Pac-man and wondered if anyone had recommendations for a good switch joystick controller! Nice clicky stick like a classic Amiga controller if you understand me.
I have seen the 8bitdo arcade stick but I wondered if there was something smaller.



Not many options besides that one from what I could find. I haven’t gotten it yet but it would seem fine enough for its low price.

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@mrjelly I haven't really seen anything like the old Amiga joysticks (Competition Pro, Cruiser etc), but there are a few Arcade sticks around. I've got the Hori Fighting Stick Mini and it's a bit smaller than the 8bitdo stick...and very clicky!



Thanks, yeah that Hori one looks good too.
It does look the the best are those two fighting sticks (or temporarily, using the directional buttons the the left Joycon).


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