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The one thing I really liked about the Wii and that I feel is missing from the Switch is activity notification. I do realize that this is somewhat counterintuitive to Nintendo's pitch as a hybrid system but it would be a great update. When there is news, the eshop is updated, DLC is available, Friend requests or a variety of other things the Dock Led should flash to signal you. Obviously this would be customizable or option out designed. I do pick up the switch nearly everyday but some days I have to work a lot and I do not always have time to pull it out to see if there are updates. If the Led flashed then I would check it. I also think they should add some of the functionally that the Wii system had like weather, non Nintendo news etc. That was one of the best features of the Wii and would work well on the go with a Wifi setup. I realize that battery life could be impacted though so I would settle for the Dock Led if possible.



It wouldn't be a bad thing certainly. Though I would appreciate the ability to turn it off too. If something starts to flash in my room at night, it tends to wake me up. lol I think I would prefer it to simply come on and be a specific color.

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