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Hello, new here and to the switch, my friend has a nintendo switch model: HAC-001. She was playing it the other day and the display just stopped working, she could still here the game and the button clicks. Now, you can't use the switch unless it is in the dock, it still turns on with a grey screen but shows nothing on screen. I tried a hard reset to no avail. Any help would be highly appreciatated, Thank you in advance.



@Gunther191145, that sounds like the screen has gone bad. Or, more accurately, if the screen died all at once then it might've been one of the connections to the screen (and not the screen itself). It'll probably need to be go in to Nintendo for service.

I'd start by contacting Nintendo directly. If you're in North America, you can do so here: In North America, Nintendo's customer service is really really good. I sadly can't say the same about my experiences with their customer service in the UK. They'll walk you through some troubleshooting, and if you're really lucky that'll fix your problem. If not (which seems most likely to me, given the problem you've described), though, they'll probably have you send it in for repairs.

The plus side here is that Nintendo's North American repair center should be back open now, at least at partial capacity. So, you've dodged a bullet by not having this happen during the very height of the pandemic, at least!

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@Gunther191145 Give this nintendo support troubleshooting page a try(pasting below). If it doesn't solve the issue, it may indicate a hardware issue that needs repair. It's possible that switch might be stuck & won't wake up from sleep mode - that is easily resolved.

Console has no power, blank screen, or won't wake up from sleep mode

Generally speaking, nintendo's support page is a very good resource to search for troubleshooting. And as Northwind above mentioned, Nintendo of America has a pretty good support phone line and a chat messenger, if needed.

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If it's under warranty NIN support will fix it. But that will mean it will have to be sent in to verify if this was hardware or user caused for them to fix the issue-if you have to send it in.

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