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@Fizza I remember #FreeMelee... I don't think I've used this thread before... #Pyra-Main

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@Vortexeo Meanwhile, the online for Mario Strikers is back to being mediocre (haven't played the full game but did play the online test where everything more or less would just CHUG). It feels like they're rolling a dice at this point with which games get good online and which don't.

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@Fizza Honestly you're right lol that's so baffling. I remember hearing that Mario Golf Super Rush had good online so the fact that Mario Strikers doesn't is weird lol. They're both Mario sports titles ūüėā

Ugh...I just want to play Xenoblade 3 :(

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@Vortexeo Yeah, I think it has to do with Nintendo using Peer-to-peer connections for some games, like Ultimate, SMM2, Strikers, etc. instead of server-based connections like what Splatoon 2 and MK8D use. It's really too bad, because in the case of both Ultimate and SMM2, I love the base games, but playing online in each of them is so painful that I end up just dropping them after a certain amount of time. I would love to play some more Mario Maker levels with people online, but the experience 90% of the time is just a slog.

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