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My non playing fiance is crazy about the game. Since i got the switch she play almoust every day mario odyssey for Many hours a day. She wont even blink when se play, its awesome to see the excitement in her eyes and how she cheers for moons and yells me to come watch. Now its about 110hrs in and 488 moons. I havent got to play this great game becouse its her joy but i dont mind. I really hope nintendo make sizeable dlc like 4+ new big worlds.

And does anyone know other games my ex-noob gf would play? She enjoy mario kart aswell but odyssey is something different, she wont quit playing untill its time to sleep. I never get to finnish zelda or play ps4 but i wont mind, its awesome to see her joy with the game Thanks alot nintendo!



Poi and Yooka Laylee both come to mind, being in the same genre. If you have a PS4, you could try A Hat in Time over there as well.



She‚Äôll be beating Dark Souls before you know it ūüėú

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Maybe the single player campaign in Splatoon 2?

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Relax dude, if she took 110 hours just to get 448 Moons there is PLENTY of content left for her to enjoy.

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Not even blink her eyes ??
Indulge her with Portal Knights, Poi : Explorer Edition, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. I'm sure her Hype level will be Unstoppable.

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Personally I'd rather it didn't get DLC, and just remained as one complete game without the need for any extra payments. Of course I wouldn't say no if they did release DLC for it as long as it was reasonably priced, but I don't think it needs it.

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448 moons, so she's like half way through the lot then?



Thanks alot for the messages and suggestions. Hat in time seems interesting for her. She may be ready for zelda botw but i have almoust finnished the game.

The last bonus world in odyssey is really sadistic it seems to be imposible even for me. I believe 98% cant complete it. Now its 500 moons so there is 400+ moons to find but we spent much time on the last part and i feel as a failure when i couldnt finnish the last part for her. Its really long and has no savepoint.



I would rather Nintendo put the time and resources to create a New Super Mario Odyssey kinda like they did with Galaxy.


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