Topic: Super Mario Odyssey? Is it really that good.?

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Hello Ladies and gents! I do believe that Super Mario Odyssey has been one of the most anticipated games on the switch the past few years. There's a ton of hype behind it. From your personal experience, how has the game treated you? What are your likes and dislikes?



The game has been very abusive to me. I had to file a restraining order.

But seriously, it’s a really güd game. It’s not too easy or too difficult, but there are easier modes of needed. It doesn’t take too long to finish, but 100% completion is difficult. The kingdoms and capture abilities are very creative. Couldn’t recommend more, as well as BOTW.

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When I first played it, I liked it, but I didn't think it was great like past Mario titles. But recently I gave it another shot, ran through the story, and the post game has just been wonderful.

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SMO is awesome. The kingdoms are a joy to go through, Mario is just plain fun to control, the soundtrack is fantastic, and there is a HUGE amount of Power Moons to collect (even more so than past 3D Mario games). The main story may be kinda short, but the post game content more than makes up for it. Highly recommended for anybody who owns a Switch.

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No, not really.

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Personally I prefer it over BotW as the must-have game on Switch.

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Not my favorite game on the Switch or my favorite Mario. Definitely not a bad game but it didn't really grab me. I helped my daughter get through the whole story whenever she hit a tough spot, and afterwards felt no need to finish my own file.

Both my kids loved it, though.

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Short answer: Yes. Long answer: If you like collect-a-thons, this game's for you. Personal answer: I found it better than the overrated mess that is SM64.

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Oooh... shots fired...

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One of my favorite Switch games so far just behind Splatoon 2 (with Octo Expansion) and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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If you like Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Sunshine. you'll probably like Super Mario Odyssey.
especially if you want to control Goombas, Chin-Chomp and many more. there is some you sadly can't control.
the ending with Bowser was awesome.
and plenty to do in each world.

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Pretty good Mario games.
I have finished the game last year.
But.... After it finished, i Almost never play the game again.
Not because the post game was bad, but i felt i didn't really engaged with post game contents (Just keep collecting Coins, Moons and unlockable costumes).
So, i felt bored just only for wandering around to find Moons and collecting coins.

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Definitely a top-tier Mario for me. I'd rank it #3 after Galaxy 1 and 3D World in terms of 3D Mario. He controls by far the best out of any Mario game period, and there's so many ways to approach scenarios in the world and level design.

Galaxy 1 and 3D World's tightly curated levels do appeal to me a bit more than more open-ended design though, but what Odyssey does is really good.

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ThanosReXXX wrote:

Oooh... shots fired...

If by 'shots fired' you mean my opinion on SM64, then you're right.

Own up to Joy-Con Drift, Nintendo. We all know it's your fault


You have to like Mario for you to like this game and trying to say it's not a popular game is a reason why one isn't R&D or in Nintendo Management. They see a bigger picture then your small living room where you game. Whether or not you like it isn't the point but how many people they can get to play the game it end game. So again you either are a fan of Mario or not that how life is. And trying to make small of it will put yourself in a box down the line.

@Magician "Personally I prefer it over BotW as the must-have game on Switch."
That is in the Eye of the Beholder. That trying to compare Apples to Oranges. Each games is different from the other and BoTW to me is more fun and challenging I can sink 4 hours without knowing it. But Mario is different because I been gone so long from it but I still play it to experience the game. If people can't see that then they missed everything all together.

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@TheAwesomeBowser Just pulling your leg. No harm intended.

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i have the game but im not to fuss about it

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