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Octane wrote:

Is that even possible in 64 and Galaxy?

In this sense, Super Mario 64 can be considered a "superset" of Super Mario Sunshine, because it has both level-modifying stars (e.g. Koopa the Quick, King Bob-Omb) and stars that can can be taken even if you chose another mission. In reality, Super Mario Sunshine has the same versatile structure of Super Mario 64, in that in Gelato Beach you can get the last Shine Sprite before the last mission with a glitch (, but the game itself was designed so that it's impossible to get other Shine Sprites unless a glitch was used.
Super Mario Galaxy has the secret stars, even though if I am not mistaken those can be taken only on specific missions.



SuperAndrew2401 wrote:


why limit it to only 2 players Local Co-op? and not 4 Player Local Co-Op as it is online? also why does a Mario 3D Game need Voice Chat anyways? (Splatoon is a good example of playing the game without Voice Chat imo.)

i would like to see a new 3D Mario Game come to NX, maybe even the same style as Super Mario 64 and Sunshine, imo i did liked Galaxy and 3D Games as much as 64 and Sunshine

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@Mister_Wu: The second shine in Bianco Hills is actually available in the first mission without using any glitches. Just like the secret stars in Mario Galaxy, there were two secret stars in each world in Sunshine as well. 64, Sunshine and Galaxy are quite similar in that regard. There's always some freedom when it comes to collecting stars/shines, but the main stars/shines are only available in their respective mission.



Octane wrote:

I think it's just adventure games in general that are not in abundance on the Wii U, it's a shame really. At least we know we're getting Zelda U this year, so that's going to be great.

This. The only adventure games the Wii U has are Xenoblade Chronicles X, Zelda U (which of course isn't even out yet), and a couple of niche third party games like Lego City Undercover. Nintendo really hasn't offered much in terms of open, large scale adventure games on the console and has shied away from those types of games this generation with Mario going more in the direction of nostalgia fueled linear platformers and Metroid getting flat out shafted. So yeah, those kinds of meaty, open ended games truly are lacking on the console, and that's one of the biggest disappointments of the Wii U.


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To be honest - I'd rather just have a fresh feeling Mario game that isn't a continuation of another series. I'd ideally like it to be more free roaming and have the sense of a coherent world. Also, it'd be nice to have some lore behind. I enjoyed Rosalina's story in Galaxy and although it isn't crucial it's nice to have some context and unlockable as these narrative points made me care more about the world.

There was a game idea here. It's gone now.


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