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There is a weird economic fact about SD cards the kind of complicates things for Nintendo switch users.

4 gigabytes cards are fairly expensive for being 4 gigabytes, but the price drops fast. however there is a valley point which would be the cheapest per gig price for micro SD cards, and we're doubling the capacity raises the price significantly more than twice as much, so the per-unit price rises.

Back in the old days when the valley was at 32 gigabytes, I was I had to invest significant money to get a 128. Now I have to 128s and 1 and 1/2 of them are filled.

Another problem is it's very painful kvothe find the game you want as well as change SD cards.

first there should be an option to select games currently on board storage. Instead of having to go through everything from a to z and seeing if your game has a picture of a cloud on your not.

second you have to totally power off the Nintendo switch open the kickstand and replace the memory. I don't think the kickstand was meant to be open that many times if you're switching between a bunch of 32 gig memory cards.

So I came up with a suggestion. Nintendo just listens to suggestions but the forms don't let you present them to fellow Nintendo fans. does.

In addition to having options for all games that you own on the account and games currently on board,. I was thinking adding what is now considered an evercart for the Switch accept it only runs Nintendo authorized ROMs.

they would just be blank shells with an SD card interface that fit the cartridge slot. In the old days you put paper labels on floppy disks to tell you what games are on there. And even though the game sizes have become bigger the capacities grow faster than the game sizes. Where is it Atari 800 floppy disk might have four or five games at the most 128 gig switch memory card could have about fifty or a hundred, or maybe even more. in the old days you put an adhesive paper label with the names of the games on it.

I don't recommend that for two reasons today. The first is if that sticker that you put on there got peeled off inside the circuitry that's going to ruin your SD card reader. Second is it's too small to write one title let alone hundreds.

So let's do this the Nintendo Wii. these SD card holders that fit in the cartridge slot will have a picture of either a Nintendo character or any other character of a third-party character that's either an amiibo or a Smash Brothers character.

and it wouldn't be on paper it would be printed directly on so that nothing kills off in the memory card slots or the cartridge.

And then you could virtually stamp a game with a card it's. you can either be lazy and just Adam and haphazard ordered the order you get them or you could organize the cards in the themes. A couple days ago I chose to thne's one card have multiplayer local and multiplayer online games and the other one had single player only games or single player is the best way to play games. And I reserve the system memory for games that are on real physical cartridges and stuff you always want handy, like NES and SNES downloads and so forth.

That would be a fairly cheap solution so that people don't go on eBay or Amazon and risk paying for a bad memory card that may be a look-alike of a good brand and get burnt and lose valuable data and loading time.



@tripletopper Alot of topic has been hashed over this about MicroSD and that one should do their Homework about sd cards. Goes like this If the price is good to be true then it's a Scam SD card don't buy it. This sounds more like another post not listening to good advice that has been given out so far and a buyers remorse because they got burned buying Cheap knock sd cards rather then ask themselves why is this so cheap for a 400gb when similar are more expensive. So one needs to do their Homework. I think NIN has done plenty of R&D on MicroSD card options and as to the writing on or a sticker on the card if that was true this would've been on there since the release of the SD cards. So not sure what your trying to do but this sounds more and more like Trolling rants.



Yes I'm aware of those rip-off SD cards. I never venture into potential ripoff territory on eBay or Amazon unless I know it's a "or your money back." situation. I also only buy names I hear of. One time I tried a name I didn't hear of on Amazon and was glad I got the "or money my money back guarantee." A couple times I even bought name brands that turned out to be rip offs.

I'm also aware that the per gig unit price is currently cheapest at 128 gigs if you buy something you know is guaranteed. Unfortunately legitimate 256s cost three to four times as much as legitimate 128s. And 512s cost 4 to 5 times more than legitimate 256s.

I noticed stick to the real deal. It just said it'd be easier to stick to the real deal if it was easy to buy multiple small ones which are cheaper then the big ones cost to consolidate is the one card. Unfortunately Nintendo's game list that you can launch is that applies right for a multi SD card system m. You can't just list the ones that are locally on that card. What if you have more than two cards? It would not be as simple as it's either here or on the other one. You can't even label them even a b c d etc.

I'm bringing up a legitimate concern. The kickstand is not meant to be frequently flipped up and down to take out and in the SD cartridge cavalierly. And the whole switch crashes unless you shut off the switch completely when taking out of SD card.

I think a 2 to $5 blank cartridge case with the picture of a Nintendo character that accepts an SD card in the cartridge slot would be the perfect solution to multiple SD card woes.

I just don't want to continually feed the rip-off artist or play roulette with my SD card money.

128 would be the perfect size if there is better organization of the ROMs on the Switch operating system's part. especially when they give away a lot of 90 to 100% off games. Yes I know you could buy the licenses when they're on sale and then download them later when you get more memory. Yes I also know you can remove games you play less from memory. and normally that would be a good thing but if your internet connection is limited to 1.5 meg in, downloading from the web is too much of a time-waster.

It's that so much the cost of the games or the SD cards, as much as it is the chaotic lack of game organization on the part of the switch operating system.

if you had these external cases you could stamp each individual rum with a Mario if it's on the Mario case or a link if it's on the link case etc so that you know which SD card contains which games. I'd rather give Nintendo $5 a case than play roulette with my SD card money.

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Hmm but then micro sd cards do go on sale .... & you don't have to have all your digital games downloaded all the time, either? Meanwhile, we can't actually do anything about Nintendo's design choices, so you'd need to persuade them of your ideas, not us

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You can buy a 400 GB Sandisk SD card for just a few quid more than a Nintendo first party title at the moment and they go on sale every few weeks usually. I just can't fathom the idea of why someone would want multiple smaller sized micro SD cards to be fumbling around with.
If you're easily filling up 3 or 4+ of the128GB cards to the point where you want to add stickers to them and the likes, then clearly downloading is how you consume almost every Switch game, so investing in a proper storage solution makes the most sense.
It just seems like you are inventing a solution to a problem that doesn't really exist for the sake of hypothetically saving a pretty small amount of money.



My advice = going physical.
Playing Switch games with cartridge will save a lot your micro SD storage.
Mine is 128 GB with 39 physical games and still have 98 GB Free space.

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@Anti-Matter I do try to go physical for as many games as possible. in fact I got a 17 physical game collection for the switch. It just that quite a few games are digital only or have extreme discounts when going digital.

Until last week I literally only had 1.5 megabits per second inbound 400 kilobits outbound, I would have took me a month's worth of a tower download sleep sessions to load a 50 gig game. I did find a good cellular Internet carrier who does let you use your internet with Nintendo without capping you. I was able to do Mortal Kombat 11 for the Xbox One in one overnight session not 30. Plus depending on the update sometimes progress does not save on your hard drive to move to start over the next day. If the Nintendo let you start where you left off, that would incentivize more digital purchases.

I've got 310 games, of which only 18 or physical, most likely the largest 18. So to sort between 290 games between two different 128 gig SD cards makes it an average of more than one gig per game. If I had to delete games to fit on one 128 and reload them it would take an eternity to load certain games the average game would take about 4 hours.

So yes it is kind of important that we have this SD card organizing down pat. It's too expensive to buy a single 2 terabyte SD card, and per gigabyte, 128 is the cheapest level.

I had to do a lot of ROM shuffling to try to put some organization to my 290 online games. I tried to separate them into multiplayer games (whether they be online or local or either) and primarily single game player games.

Plus I'm thinking about my brother if he wants to play something he has to think what card it's on. luckily it's 2 cards so if it's not there it's somewhere else. But if these cells keep coming unless larger memory gets cheaper, my brother would have to guess which one it is on.



I don't know when the 512s go on sale, but apparently it seems like I always mistime it. I wouldn't put stickers on them because I know putting stickers on them could get in the mechanics of the card reader and cause worse problems than just a little chaos.

Also faster download speeds would help then I wouldn't have to horde memory to prevent hours possibly days of download.

If you want to read the adventures of how I've been coping with bad internet in the country and reviewing video games as to whether they'll fit in a typical Country connection or not, which is usually below the required minimum speed, visit 56ok fit org.

By the way stay tuned to that website. I'm currently on a 30-day trial of what I believe is the best ISP for both people in my situation and people who want to play Nintendo 3DS and switch in the car.

Preliminary review is for a fast connection as a substitute for existing bad internet, it's better than the status quo but nowhere near the federal to find minimum of broadband of 25 Meg in 3 Meg out. This singer company makes me escape the old broadband minimum of 3 meg in, 1 meg out. This Sunday I'll try to play either 3DS or Switch online in the car while in motion. My review will be up in about 2 weeks. If in-motion online play works well I'll give it a 56ok review. If it's that so good I'll give it a 56ko.

also they were open to suggestions so I suggested to them they should have a home-field Advantage where the GPS says you're on your home property download and upload speeds are no longer capped or limited, but on the road there capped at 5 meg in to meg out, which according to Nintendo is plenty for simply playing games online for the 3DS and switch. So it should be rated 56ok for online in motion gaming.

Besides I don't have that much income, but thankfully I don't have that many financial responsibilities. but when full modern games are being priced for less than three lives at Pac-Man were in 1980 (25 cents a game) if I am remotely interested in it, I would pick it up thinking okay it's basically a purchase for the price of a rental.

There's not too many games I have to buy right away, and most of those titles are Nintendo titles and better to buy physical over virtual. Let's just say I am struggling to get enough streaming bandwidth on twitch otherwise I play these games and do something cool with streaming. I'm being paid being unemployed anyway might as well try to get some money by streaming.



Forget the 512GB get the 400gb that small increase isn't worth the price unless they are the same price for the same brand like SanDisk. If you go 1tb that would be different.



While I think it is more than possible to do it that way perhaps doing it from that cartridge slot would make it far easier to open up to piracy that the regular Micro SD card slot also I personally don't like the idea of having several micro SD cards to have to swap between anyway plus a single 128GB is fine and I doubt you would need every single game downloaded at once anyway as you won't be playing them. If you must have them available to pop in just have them in physical form. By the time it becomes an issue that all the downloadable games are no longer available there will probably be large enough Micro SD cards at more affordable prices it's not like those games are going to vanish off the shop any time soon to be redownloaded.

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Well I looked. Normal base line price is 128 GB San Disk Ultra for $17. Which comes to 7.5 gig for each dollar spent.

If you ignore tempting Amazon and eBay deals that are more hassle than they are worth,, I found a 512 GB for $99 for 5.2 Gig per dollar from PNY.

I think a mere 2.3 gig/$ lost would make a reasonably justified cost for avoiding the memory card shuffle.

Best buy though had it for a limited time, and i don't get paid until the first of the month. So....

1. Will the best buy sale be there on June 1?
2. A San disk Ultra 400 GB at best buy is on sale for $99. Might as well ride the pony, but you're almost losing half you gigs for every dollar if 400/99 is regular price?

3. What SD card sales exist at physical stores on Cleveland area chains of 400s or 512s on Monday. I got Best Buy, Target. Wal Mart, and Office Max close enough to me. (I know I can look myself online. But if anyone knows when SD cards are at best price. Let me know.... There is such a thing as saving.)

4. Speed issues. Nintendo says you need minimally 60 Mb/s read and write speeds.
The ones I find are 100 Meg
A. Is the main reason you buy a 60vMB/s card have something to do within the switch for the purposes of mid games loads. Or are all loads and writes always "at break"?
B. If you get less than 60 Mb/s, would that only hurt downloading for the switch server, and if so. If your maximum internet speed is 5 Mb/s in, would a 60 Mb/s card be Overkill if that's the only reason you need a fast card?
C. If the network is the weakest link, do they sell 2TB economy speed Micro SD cards? Like 10 Mb/s? Why pay for speedy SD cards if you can use the speed. Even if one wanted to? (Of course if speed is needed for internat switch processes, then what is the minimum assuming 5he network wasn't a factor?



Well went virtual shopping. Walart has in store Onn brand (I assume Walmart exclusive) 256 GB for $33 every day price.

If one is willing to do online, Walmart had Kodak 512s for $44.

Now are my suspicions right that this Kodak is probably a slower card? And if so is the only reason to get a fast card is to keep up with the internet or would it affect gameplay if it loads in the middle? In other words in my situation where my maximum internet is 5 megabits per second, would a 512 $44 be worth it, or is there some catch with it having a slow card?


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