Topic: Streetpass for the Switch: yes or no?

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Would be really cool! Maybe add Street Pass type games for online.



They might add that on the switch lite because the console is small enough to carry around like the 3ds almost. One thing l'm not sure if they want to keep calling it streetpass and the other thing l don't think nintendo wants to add a streetpass thing on the normal switch.
I mean the normal switch is more of a big console than a little handheld console. Anyways l never seen anyone who had a switch with them outside or in stores, l would see ppl holding 3ds conosles instead of a switch.

But l'm guessing they will put somthing like streetpass on the switch lite.

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I loved Streetpass! Playing Bravely Default whilst I was living in London was fantastic. I had to go to a busy train station every day and would always get overpowered people to summon into battle.

It would be great if Streetpass came to Switch but as we’re 2 and a half years in I’d be surprised if they added it in now. I know it’s a common complaint but we haven’t even got simple folders yet, let alone something as cool as Streetpass.



Yes, please. I always loved Street Pass.


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