Topic: Splatoon 2: worth picking up so far after launch?

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Hi everybody!

Im getting the Switch Lite next month. Is it still worth the full retail price to buy Splatoon 2? Second hand is hardly anything cheaper where I live. Or can my money be better spent elsewhere for an online game on the Switch?

Any suggestions are welcome. Can´t wait to get my hands on a Switch! Really miss my WiiU!

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I'd say so. The Splatfests have ended, but you can still play Splatoon 2 online with others. Even people still play the original on Wii U to this day. Just remember the Switch needs a paid online subscription for online play. Other than that, have fun when you get your Switch.



I have a question about this as well, my son really wants this but I was wondering how the matchmaking is nowadays. He's obviously a beginner (and only 9)so are matches group by skill/level or just randomly from the entire pool? He's pretty good at shooters but don't want him getting destroyed by people who've been playing for 2 years ya know. Thanks in advance if anyone knows!



@Zoriam I'd say it depends, if you liked the first Splatoon, Splatoon 2 is a sure thing to enjoy. As soon as I play it I go straight online and I enjoy it, it's fun. The controls still take a little to get back into when I've put it down for a while and online games can feel the same thing over and over again, but that's the nature of it too. If you're into FPS, it'll be a great choice for you. I wish I got to play it more!

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I'd say yes. The online community from what I hear is still doing just fine and as a single player only gamer I got my money's worth (still need to finish the dlc). So still something to do no matter how you play be it with others or alone.

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@redd214 The ranked modes are definitely grouped by rank as you'd expect, and I think Turf War is roughly grouped by player level too, but you do get quite a big range of levels in each match regardless. As it's a team game though, it shouldn't matter too much because if there are high level players in a match they'll end up on your own team half the time anyway.

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Thanks everybody! As I thoroughly enjoyed Splatoon on my WiiU I will pick this up as well then. I feared I was too late to enjoy the game fully, but it seams that I aint (that much).

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It's still a blast to play, sans Splatfests. But they really need to come down on the price since their "active support" period has ended.

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Also thinking about picking this one up - then found this topic. Thanks all for your inputs!

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The single player expansion is awesome too. Well worth the price.

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@Zoriam Honestly I hate playing splatoon in handheld, I like my gyro controls and it is the definitive way to play splatoon. The speed you have to move online is pretty fast and doing it in handheld was always an issue for me personally.

Now I know that people have adjusted to that and I know plenty of people that have played it in handheld with no issues. But the game is 100% worth it, the base single player is a drag but the octo expansion is honestly a ton of fun! It does suck that splatfests arent around anymore but the game is a real treat even this far into it!



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