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With information surfacing about the acquisition of Spiritomb, I felt it necessary to correct the article this site previously posted. In the original article here: [ ] it is detailed that you must first acquire the Odd Keystone item from an NPC on Route 208. Next, you must use the Odd Keystone on the Hallowed Tower on Route 209. Following this, you must speak with 32 NPC's in the Grand Underground, then activate the tower, and Spiritomb will appear.

This article mentions that it is possible to acquire Spiritomb after the second gym. However, discoveries made regarding the Grand Underground reveal that all areas of the Grand Underground can be accessed before post-game except 1. This 1 area can only be accessed in the Battle Resort boundaries, and without it, players can only speak to a maximum of 28 NPC's as further discoveries reveal that repeated conversations with same name NPC's do not affect the progress of the Tower.



TL;DR: It is impossible to acquire Spiritomb after the second gym. And you cannot acquire him until after defeating Cynthia and heading to the battle resort.



I believe it’s now know than you can indeed get enough NPCs before beating the game, it’s just difficult because the NPCs prefer certain routes, but they can still randomly appear anywhere.

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