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I'm looking at buying Sonic Forces from the Nintendo Switch eShop. Quick question about the SEGA/Atlus DLC code: Does it automatically download once I buy the game, or will it be a code, on the receipt, that I have to enter in the eShop (like what was done for Sonic Lost World and the nights DLC on the Wii U)?

Only the Shadow and "Sanic" t-shirt is listed on the eShop to download for free right now.



I bought it on the PS4 so it may be different but I didn't have to enter any code. I just downloaded the DLC off the digital store once I got the game!

UPDATE: Bowser just ate some cake and it was yummy


Hmmm, I see where the DLC is available to download via Nintendo's web site, but the console's eShop listing says to purchase the game by a certain date to get the DLC.

Just curious if anyone had already downloaded the game from the eShop.


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