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My Nintendo Switch has been a lot of issues with internet connection ever since launch. Initially, I believed the reason to merely be my internet connection being poor. But, then I realized that the connection on my PC, PS4, and 3DS worked perfectly fine. So, has there been anyone that has experienced this issue as well? If so, are there any solutions you can give so as to resolve this issue?


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Could be an IP conflict. my switch had a wifi problem once. somehow it had the same IP address as my samsung phone. so as @DiscoGentleman said, restart.

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I'm having this problem and I only get a connection when I'm like RIGHT in front of my modem. I dunno if getting a wifi booster would help but I was going to try that maybe.



The other thing I've read is that the Switch's wifi chip receives the signal better if it is in the 5Ghz frequency or something. I didn't understand too much, so you would have to seek more info.
It would be nice if Nintendolife could make an article on that, to have the possible solutions in one single place.

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In my experiences, it also helps to update the system. My internet connections had improved a bit after applying the stability updates, so it might also help.



Buy some cheap wifi repeater ! - my switch doesn`t even see my router !!!

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@op so you needed a new switch tell you that your old computer , ps4 and other gadget worked just fine before that switch?
if a new toy runs bad at internet it must mean that the whole internet is trash right?

on all seriousness:
#1 try to reserve an exlusive ip adress for the switch - go to your router settings - home network - add ip adress
#2 also check and make sure what security standard it uses like wep , wpa2 or whatever and see if ur wifi router is compatible
#3 if the wifi signal seems weak try to put more access points in your house for example 1 in each room or at least 1 on each floor - try to optimize sygnal strength and router position. if you got only 1 router or acess point move it to the middle of flat or right into the "gaming room"

good luck & happy gaming

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