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Hi. I'm new to like storage and stuff...

Would a SanDisk Extreme PRO 512 GB SDXC UHS-I Memory Card work with the Nintendo Switch? I really want a bunch of storage to use.



@Ledgerdomain The Switch uses micro SD cards and the largest card you can buy at retail at the moment is 256gb but it's rather pricey..I'd recommend settling for 128gb for now,they're fairly cheap and by the time you use that up,the 256gb card will have come right down in price.A 200gb can be had on Amazon for around $69 so if you must have a larger size,that's the one to go for.

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Look for SanDisk microSD cards on Amazon or retailers. Those will be your best bet.

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That amount of storage will cost a ridiculous amount of money right now, so I most certainly would not recommend it. Hell, I wouldn't even recommend a 256GB micro SD card as it will inevitably drop in price rather drastically by the time you actually need that amount of space. I have a spare 64GB micro SD card that I have originally bought for my New 3DS, but since the console doesn't officially support 64GB cards, I decided to save it for the Switch instead, and instead free up space on my New 3DS's existing 32GB SD card by deleting most of the demos and any other unnecessary data that I had on there.

The 32GB of internal storage should be plenty for the time being as I don't intend to buy retail games via the eShop, and I will always favour a physical copy over digital, should I be given the option. Time will tell.

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If you are going to download games then yes get something a decent size now, if not hold fire, save games etc will take up very little room.

FWIW I plan to download digital only titles and I will be going for a 64GB card.

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Sandisk is always a good choice. Even the USB drives I got from them years and years ago still work. They are pretty robust. It is worth a punt let me assure you


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