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As a regular user, during the process of using the switch, there is a severe heat in the charging process, and ask if you have similar situations. Is there any good solution?



In my experience what causes the most severe heat issues is the use of the most advanced games like Mario Kart 8 or Breath of the wild while the console is in its dock. If you just leave it charging or if you play less power demanding games like Ultra Street Fighter 2 or Master Blaster the heating will be a lot less.

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@LuckyLand that is no good solution . you can't reduce my love of zelda



It's almost certainly not 'severe' heat and will be within the bounds that the device was designed to cope with. Unless there's an actual problem, why look for a solution?

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@pundrang It is recommended to play no more than 23 hours of Zelda in a day or else you run the risk of your Switch melting before your eyes and with it your save file.

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The best solution is to find a alternative to these and impose them upon the world. There'll be plenty of great spin offs to this if you manage it too!


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shaneoh wrote:

No, I assure you, dipping your electronics in water will solve most over-heating problems.


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If you're suffocating the thing,'s gonna get hot.

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@shaneoh Funny as that is, I fear the OP in this case might take suggestions a little too literally...this might not be helpful

@pundrang if it needed clarification, shaneoh is just joking. You certainly don't want to put it in water!!!

Anyway, what makes you think it's "too hot"? Is it just "really really warm" while playing games like Zelda, or is it excessively hot when its supposedly sleeping? If it's getting hot while gaming in the dock, that's supposed to happen. If it's excessively hot when sleeping then maybe there's a battery issue. if it's hot and the fan is NOT RUNNING while gaming, there could be a fan issue. If it's excessively hot while playing handheld that's not normal UNLESS you are blocking the air intake vents on the rear.



It runs a little warm with intensive games, but completely within the temperature tolerance limits. You can even set it on carpet to block the air vents, cover it with a blanket and it still won't reach the critical temperature necessary to shut itself off (that's how you know it's not too hot, if it were it would shut down as a safety feature to preserve itself). That's around 167 degrees Fahrenheit.

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My Switch becomes so hot because i'm holding it, and i'm quite HAWT!

Also @shaneoh it has to be cold water jk it has to be water DAT is cooler than being cool it must be ICE COLD and in caps lock glory and also in one sentence.

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