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I guarantee we will get a Super Smash Bros U DX exactly a year from Splatoon 2, then the new Pokemon game a year from Mario Odyssey. Smash would have potentially overshadowed/cut into the ARMS and Splatoon online play this year. Also, me and a ton of others never got a WiiU so this is basically a new game to most Switch users by the next summer's install base is tallied, vs loyalist Ninty Switch owners this year.

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I'd prefer for a new Smash, but if they were to do a Deluxe version, I would hope it'd include the Wii U game + DLC, plus a few new characters and stages.

What I'd really like to see is another Subspace Emissary. I actually enjoyed it a lot and was disappointed in the lack of a similar single player mode in SSB4. I never played much online, so most of my enjoyment came from Subspace Emissary and the challenges.

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@OfNullAndVoid Completely agree, subspace Emissary on the Wii was great fun, collecting all the characters as you went, collecting the statues and powerups and then going up againest the bosses.


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Not going to hold my breath for a Smash 5, at least not a true sequel.

Nintendo seems to have a genuine pattern of what is getting ported as well, and it all ties into the functionality of the controls.

So far, every confirmed (and in extension, heavily rumored) Wii U port Nintendo has done has the ability for the Joy-Cons to be shared among other on-lookers of the piece of hardware. MK8 does it, Pokken does this, and with the features used in the Wii U I can bet Smash 4 and Mario Maker to be the next on that list.



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