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Has anyone had any issues with save game data? Played this for about two hours, saved it, but now when I load it up it's not giving me an option to load my game, as if no data exists

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I've played this game for hundreds of hours, first PS3,PC and now Switch. never had a problem with my saves. Could be a switch thing as I've come across quite a few bugs on the Switch version that I've never seen on the other 2 versions. I'd advise you to look around google(cheesy, I know but bear with me), as most glitches have been documented across many boards. Best of luck!



I don't know I have seen various bugs and glitches (most of them are the same that are on PC, other than that on Switch sometimes sound effects or effects like explosions get delayed a bit) but I've never had any issues with saved game data.
Sometimes the game crashes, maybe that happened while you tried to save the game? Maybe save data is corrupted because of that.

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