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I've been a Mega Man fan my entire life and now my 6 year old is too. He really wants proto man as a playable character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Does anybody know if theres any way to make that happen? I'm in the US if it matters.



No, there's not.

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Yes there is. Download the Proto Man costume from the eShop for $0.75 and then create a custom Mii Gunner with that costume. You're stuck with the Mii Gunner moveset and have to make the best you can out of the special moves that are available. There is a B move that is a charging shot, which is reminiscent of Mega Man's arm cannon in the later games, and down B has a shield special which fits well since Proto Man carries a shield. The up B and side B moves you'll just have to pick what you think fits best.


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