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Hey Everyone, I am thinking about getting the Let's Go games. Having recently rewatched (some) of the TV series and played (some) of Pokemon Fire Red. I really want to play a Kanto Pokémon game. However, I have heard some problems about controls/ catching Pokémon and difficulty. Are these serious concerns or should I just get the game?
By the way, Australians. JB HI FI has a pretty good price on these games. The best I've seen. You should check it out.



Just get the game. It's a really fun playthrough, and absolutely worth it. It's even better if you like shiny pokemon, or want to try hunting, considering it's quick to get them now. I highly reccomend it. It's even better (for me at least) with the pokéball plus. Just don't use the mew in it, it won't help much. I say give it a shot, it's really good. Be warned, it isn't SUPER difficult, but the post game stuff really puts up a fight. You also cannot use held items or abilities, but it doesn't change much. Good luck with your descision!

Also, I think a thread already exists for the game, and theres a game suggestions thread.

Nice >:]

I do stupid stuff on, so check it out if your bored or whatever.
Or don't, it's your time after all.

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