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I have some questions if you don't mind. Just speculation and I wanted to know what you think...

1- Will Pokémon Switch 2019 be the Gen 8 games for sure or just a spinoff?

2- Will the Gen 8 Games support the Pro Controller and be able to be played on the TV or will they only be exclusive to the rumored Switch Mini witch is only portable like the 3DS?

3- Will the wild Pokémon in the Gen 8 games be visible on the screen when running near grass and other areas like in the Let's Go games and will you be able to battle the wild Pokémon instead of just catching them?

4- Will the Gen 8 games have multiple regions, at least 2? Maybe 2 games in 1? Like the Sinnoh remakes and Gen 8 games all in 1 game? Wishful thinking of course but you never know! The rumored England region and you can travel to Sinnoh too?

5- Will there be a brand new Type(s) and Eeveelution(s) too?

6- Will the graphics be exactly like the Let's Go games or will it be a step higher or much better like Breath of the Wild? Speaking of Breath of the Wild, are the Gen 8 games very ambitious and open world like Breath of the Wild and can get a 9.7 on Metacritic too making them the best Pokémon games made to date?

These are some questions that I'm very curious about and I want to know what you think, thanks.



1. It is confirmed to be Gen 8.

2-5. Nothing here has been confirmed officially

6. Nothing confirmed here either, but it is highly likely that the graphics will be something akin to a HD Sun and Moon styled game. The game most likely will not be open-world like BotW either.


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