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Hello! Just bought my Mario Odyssey Switch bundle! Though I have an "issue" and some questions. Your help will be appreciated.

1. I cannot link my 3DS/Wii U Nintendo Network ID (NNID) to my new Switch Nintendo Account (NA) because it says that the country/region doesn't match. I have chosen UK on my NNID account but on my NA I have chosen a different European country. I've tried to change the country of my NNID account through the 3DS but it says that it cannot be changed. How can I link my accounts?

2. What are the benefits linking NNID with NA?

3. Switch is region free and one can create several accounts with different regions in one console to visit different eShops, if I understood correctly. My questions is, if I have an account connected to a European country can I use digital game codes on my account from all over the world? The Mario Odyssey Switch bundle I bought is PAL-UK though as I already mentioned I have chosen a different European country. Can I use the Mario Odyssey game code on my account? Also, can I buy a digital code from an American web page and use it on my European account? Will it work?

4. When I'm playing online on Switch the NA username is the one that will be used and be visible to others?



@MistahSatan You can change your NA country. Not sure if you do on the Switch, but if you log on to your NA using a web browser you can do it easy.

Then you can link your NNID. Then you can change your NA country again.

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Yes I figured that just after creating this topic. Thanks for your answer though, you are right!

Can I use digital game codes from other countries like USA on my European account?


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