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(Hi there, I'm new to Nintendo Life so I was't sure where to post this)
I'm an18 year old man looking for people with the same enthusiasm for Nintendo as I have to play games online with, I've recently started a Discord account and server to communicate with my friends while playing the Nintendo Switch. As you know, an actual invite/ messaging system does not exist on the Nintendo Switch so I and many other people find it extremely difficult to organise playing games online with friends on our Switch's, so Discord is a great solution to this problem. Now, instead of just sharing my friend code I thought it would be better to share my Discord name and tag to invite to my Nintendo Switch server where me and a few of my friends play games for the Switch Online and organise them in advance, we all usually play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe but I myself love to play games such as Splatoon 2 and Arms so if you have any of these games please consider adding me on Discord! I will then share my Nintendo Switch friend code on Discord. If you're not comfortable with voice chat thats perfectly understandable, sometimes we use it sometimes we don't, regardless you can just use text as a means of communication! my name is Nintendo_Nut and my tag is 2307, once you send me a request please specify you are from Nintendo Life and once I have you as a friend we can exchange friend codes and from there I will invite you to my server and we can get started! the server is always online, at the very least once a week but it more often than not be active more frequently, I am looking for people roughly around my age range, 16 - 22, It's not meant to discriminate, sorry if you take it as such! please join us


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