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Hi everyone, this problem is getting on my nerves. When i watch a video on Nintendo Switch, both on news and eshop, once i touch any of the analog sticks the cursor of the elaps time bar starts moving left or right and won't stop. Is it just my switch or the video player is really so bad? Thank you



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On rare occasion, I've seen this happen. To me, it just seemed like a glitch. But like I said, it's rare. Also sometimes eshop videos wont play, or only only play at low resolution with visible tile-ing, or stop playing if you try to skip ahead or back on the video timeline. But most of the time eshop works ok.

Thats been my experience with good wireless internet since switch launch in the US. I don't know if most people have these issues. And it never seemed like a controller casused problem.

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Go into the stick calibration page in system, controllers, calibration and test your sticks. Move them around. if they don't center when they should or if they sloowly hover or return back from any position, then there's a drift issue. If they respond properly and always recenter perfectly, there's no drift issue.

(I did have one that generally tested perfectly in the calibration screen except for not always PERFECTLY centering that cause a drift problem in some games, so calibration only USUALLY helps.)



My controller is fine and i have a solid connection. I know that using the touch screen instead of the sticks solve the problem, i just couldn't understand how Nintendo, usually very professional, didn't use a better player. I'll definitely try to calibrate the controller. Thx for the answers guys!



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