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I have 2 sons and we had one switch. They started arguing over it so their grandma bought them another switch. We are clueless now and so frustrated. They have 2 different profiles. But only one profile (the first) will load on the new switch. Any help is greatly appreciated. I’ve googled and watched a couple videos that haven’t helped at all.



@Jlynnscov Nintendo is pretty serious about customer service. Their support line and support section of is a great resource. Their number is in the manual, but here it is for convenience: 800-255-3700. It's quick to get a nice, real person on the line in seattle, not outsourced baloney.

Since this is an internet forum, you may get info from someone on here. You can get differing opinions. You might wait most of the day to hear form someone.

So, in my opinion, if you don't want to mess around, I recommend the Switch manual, support, and their friendly support line. If you're stressed and don't know where to start, definitely call the support line. They're refreshingly helpful.

Support page:
switch manuals:

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