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My daughter wants this game but we can't find out if it has a multiplayer mode and also one that allows local multiplay rather than needing subscriptions. If anyone has this game and can tell me I'd be greatful



No, the 3DS version is single-player only and I haven't heard anything to suggest the Switch version will have multiplayer.



Sorry to disappoint you but this is mainly a single player experience. It could be fun to sit together and decide who you want to give specific roles in the game to though!

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@djneils98 Just to bolster what Dogrilla and Jackpaza0508 said above;

Confusion is understandable because, the game's description is a bit ambiguous. It's a single player game where you can paste your friend's Mii characters onto the game's AI characters. Miitopia originally released on the 3DS in 2017, and that's how it worked. It was so popular that they are bringing it to the Switch.

Miitopia(Switch) page
(Buried at the bottom of Miitopia's page you'll see a box that says "Players: 1 player".)

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Yeah, it's a single player RPG game. It's still a good game though, but she won't be able to play it with friends or family sadly.

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