Topic: Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2. how are Mega Man X7 and 8?

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I never had a Playstation 2 back then and missed out on Mega Man X7 and X8.

asking anyone here if they ever played X7 and X8 and yes I know of the different gameplay where you move around different in X7 and or X8.

Are the main stories in them good to sit through and enjoy?



I believe the general consensus is that X7 is the downward turn for the series. Considered the worst entry. I have both X collections on Switch but I haven't played X7 or X8 myself yet. It can't be very good if Matt McMuscles did a "wha happun?" video for the game.

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well ill decide for myself if X7 is bad or actually good



@urrutiap X7 has its moments, but it's much maligned for good reason. Control isn't good (characters don't feel like Mega Man characters, moving slow and awkward), and the 3D parts are pretty much awful, with bad physics and not so great engine (and a truly horrific camera that rivals the bad ones from the previous generation). The story does serve to introduce a new character to the series. I'm a really big Mega Man fan, so I do replays of it time to time, but I can see why more casual players wouldn't like it. There is one big part of it that people don't like, and I agree, but it's a spoiler.
One thing I really like about X7 is the character models. I wish they had used them again in X8.
Basically, X7 sits in this weird place where it seems like Capcom didn't know what kind of game to make, so they just kinda mashed all their ideas into it and so you have this stuff that could have been a lot better had they focused on one gameplay style. Instead, it just feels like a rushed mess.

X8 is definitely a big step up from X7. I really like X8, though the story gets a pretty nonsensical at the end. They fixed a lot of problems from the previous game. Better physics, better control, better engine, and focused more on one playstyle - 2.5D for the most part. X8 also has high replay value, especially if you're going for all upgrades. There's only a couple levels in this one that I didn't care for.


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