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My idea is that every Mario Kart dev should be locked in a room with Diddy Kong Racing, Burnout Paradise, and the mission mode of Mario Kart DS and not be allowed out until they add interesting single player to Mario Kart again.

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#1 ditch the blue shells

My favorite tracks are the ones without recurring laps. One big long track is so much more fun. I'd also like to see the cooler cars be more competitive instead of the ugliest goofiest cars being the best. I also with each driver had identical specs. It urked me to have to use a heavy character to beat the time trials instead of my usual favorite, toad.



Anti-Matter wrote:

New features :
1. Transformable vehicles. Imagine your kart can transform into a motorbike or an ATV transform into aeroplane, etc.

2. Levitate vehicles, just like Chocobo Racing.

3. Stack Up same items into Level Up items. Imagine you stack 2 Green Shells = 1 Red Shell, 3 Green Shells = 1 Blue Shell

4. Customable every single Vehicles part, from wheel, body, bumper, horn, etc.

5. More specific Mii costumes customize. Also, same things with Mario characters.

6. Two different time setting for each tracks. Imagine playing SNES Rainbow Road at Day or at Night for different sensation.

7. Cutomize your tracks, just like Modnation or LABO Motorbike.

8. Link with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Save Data to unlock All 48 tracks in Mario Kart 9 style.

Most of these ideas would make the game not work as a casual game. It's one of the most popular games among the masses. It would be better if they did this with another series, like F-Zero.



First person view option?
After seeing Mario Kart VR a year or so ago, I thought it might hint they will add a good first person view option to MK9 like in the VR gameplay leaks. I do think 3rd person view should remain the priority, it's probably optimal for how the game works. Mario Kart 7 first person view was cool looking, but, to me, it felt too awkward drifting. Although, now that time has passed, I think Nintendo was probably only making that first person VR game for a Super Mario World ride at Universal Studios.

(In the mean time, I've hoped they'd port MK7 for the Switch, but MK8D still sells so well, I don't see this happening.)

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Battle Royale, 50 carts, every lap one player is eliminated automatically in addition to players landing out of bounds. Players landing out of bounds three times will be knocked out regardless of pole position. Completed laps, in-game achievements, final pole position, and victories will reward players with currency used towards unlocking racers, cart styles, cart modifications, etc. Players who have been knocked out of races can return to the main menu, queue for their next race, or enter observation mode where players can place bets (with earned currency) on who will be knocked out of the race next.

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1st time posting as I was searching for this and some of these ideas may be retreads:

1) All tracks, karts, racers, items including battle mode tracks that have ever been in a Mario kart SSBU.

2) Mirror mode for All CC

3) variables in vs. mode example one race is bowser castle at 150CC and the next race is mirror mode 50cc rainbow road. (Optionable piece not a standard)

4) different size cups. 8 racers/12 racers/16 racers

5) More cups even if they repeat levels. Example Bowser Cup that has all the bowser castle levels. (Or the ability to create and save your own local cups)

6) excite bike course lends itself to variability and it should have random layouts for a twist.

7) ability to choose number of laps in vs. mode (example baby park why not have 50 laps?) or n64 rainbow road back to 3 laps like it should be. Just the ability to choose when playing with friends.

8) double dash mode and cups (separate and different karts) I believe I saw this one mentioned.

9) kart only cups, bike only cups

10) when playing a legacy level (ie SNES rainbow road the ability to play with the original layout)—in fairness I am not sure if this would work coding wise and with the updates graphics on the old style courses.

11) in vs. mode the ability to turn off an on specific items. Example turn off squid ink but leave everything else on.

12) individual profiles and layouts with stat tracking. Not the awful tracking they have now.

13) ability to randomize your racer/kart etc.

14) insane mode—all racers on the track at once.

15) local play or wireless play being able to be 4 per switch not 2. We should be able to play with 16 people if we have 4 televisions, 4 switches, 4 copies of the game and 16 controllers This may be a blue tooth issue though.

16) new items of course. Yellow shell? Hits everyone in front of you or the next five people? Warp pipe that warps you to first or swaps you with someone?

17) eliminate the 10 coin limit if the game is going to make you collect coins to unlock things

18) missions and challenges (I think this was in DS)

19) stage morphing option? Maybe after 3 laps you cannon to a new track and continue your race.

20) vs mode handicap option.

Outside of adding more cups and tracks, most of my changes would be to vs. mode and most of them would just be options rather than mandatory changes. Very similar to SSBU. I’m not a big fan of stage creation, but built in randomness like with the excitebike course is something they can do.

Most of these are variations on what they did in smash brothers



NO blue shell

Wotz bovereen yew mark?


It sounds like what a lot of you want in Sonic and SEGA Racing Transformed. I’m okay with that.



In a perfect world Nintendo would remove the elastic banding nonsense, bullet bill and blue shells. These are OP.

5x banana items, fake item boxes and block fort would all return, along with at least twenty new courses, whilst all previous courses and characters would return.

Job done.



This is an unpopular opinion but 8 is one of the worst although the prettiest MK game. Only MK Wii is worse. Why? Because they don't feel like racing games at all. In spite of this I also bought the Switch version and I have it on Wii U. Thus, if you ask me what I want from MK9 the answer is more Super Mario Kart and Double Dash racing features and less MK Wii and 8 casual gameplay.



Bolt_Strike wrote:

Instead of randomly unlocking new vehicles and parts when you reach a certain coin total, they should have a shop where you can purchase whichever of them you want by paying with coins. That's a much more sensible system.

Also, agreeing with the idea that they need a Double Dash mode. The Switch is begging for it with the two controller scheme.

Adding to this after playing Mario Kart Tour:

3. R variants for every track (I'd also say T and R/T as well, but that might be a bit much).

4. Return of mission mode.


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A few ideas:
The Double Dash mode others have mentioned. Also, add in a targeting function that can be used by the character in the back if two players co-op one vehicle. It would add some offensive versatility.

A story mode similar to that of Mario + Sonic Tokyo 2020 where you have to complete missions and win races through different eras of MK games.

What about additional item selection options? Bring back all of the items and do a system like in Smash
Bros where you can choose individual items to be on or off. Or have additional presets based on different games in the past.

A game rules preset like in Smash Bros. Pre-select items, number of courses, random/in order, etc.

Alternate skins/costumes for drivers. In additional to the classic looks of each, have a racer version (similar to Peach, Daisy and Rosalina's bike variants), alternate colors, etc.

Additionally, a big focus on revamping Battle Mode would go a long way after the flop of MK8's Battle Mode and the improved (but still lackluster) MK8D Battle Mode. More arenas, more team options (multiple teams and team sizes), more modes, etc.

And of course, as has been speculation for the longest time, a Smash Bros/Nintendo Kart with characters from the vast Nintendo family.



The boldest idea of the thread. So bold, I'm not sure NL rules allow it. I would like MK9 to come to the Switch

That, and I'd like Lyle Lanley to bring a Monorail to the Mario Kart 9. Why, he's brought a monorail to Brockway, Ogdenville, and North Haverbook!

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One thing I want but don’t think will happen: every previous track returns in this game, and like 20 new tracks for nitros. The problem is how they’re going to categorize the tracks in Grand Prix mode. There are 145 tracks currently that would theoretically be brought back, we can’t have 4 track cups in this case because it wouldn’t make it even, and making it even would result in 29 retro cups. Nobody’s going to want to complete 29 Grand Prix cups with all gold stars, so I propose two solutions.

Randomized cups: 4 cups with 4 tracks, but every cup has randomized tracks. Now, things aren’t completely random. A Rainbow Road course will always be the last track in the Lightning Cup, a Bowser’s Castle track or a lava track will always be the third track in the Lightning Cup, first tracks will remain in the Mushroom Cup. It’s random, but balanced. No track will repeat in a cup, and no two tracks from the same game will appear in a cup. For example, a cup (in this case, the Banana Cup) can be randomized in any of these ways:
Banana Cup:
N64 Choco Mountain
SNES Ghost Valley 2
DS Shroom Ridge
GCN Waluigi Stadium

N64 Mario Raceway
Wii DK Summit
GBA Boo Lake
3DS Wuhu Loop

GCN Daisy Cruiser
SNES Donut Plains 2
WiiU Twisted Mansion
DS Desert Hills

So it’s more balanced. The problem with this is that you won’t be playing every track, so here’s a second proposal.

Story Mode: I haven’t played DKR, but I see a lot of people mentioning it so just imagine a story mode like that but more Mario themed.

Also, can we get some good characters? Characters like Pink Gold Peach and every baby character excluding Baby Mario and Luigi need to be left behind. Bring back DK Jr., Paratroopa, Petey Piranha, Birdo, Diddy Kong, R.O.B., Funky Kong, Wiggler, Honey Queen, keep every character from 8 Deluxe (excluding those I just mentioned), and add characters like Pauline, Nabbit, a Goomba (they gave Wiggler gloves so he could drive, they can do the same for a Goomba), and more skins for characters, but keep them skins.

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@SuperSpaghetti Every track would be wonderful. It's not as difficult as it sounds because they could recycle circuit remakes and engine. The SNES circuits included in the Wii game are well made and they basically recycled MK7 circuits in MK8 so there are many repeated circuits already. And yes, the filler characters should be skins.



I’m wondering how everyone would feel about a DLC with tracks from Nintendo’s other racing games similar to what happened in 8’s DLC with F-Zero and Excitebike tracks. Some Diddy Kong Racing tracks look amazingly fun to race on. In fact, some even look better than Mario Kart 64’s courses. The game has all the mechanics required to play those courses because of gliders and underwater karts. Antigravity could be used for Kirby Air Ride tracks, and they’ve already done some F-Zero. These racing games don’t really get mentioned by Nintendo anymore so I think it’d be a cool callback to those games.

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I would like to see N64 Wario Stadium as a retro track. I think it’s the only N64 track that has not been added as a retro circuit

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Unpopular opinion : Make it like Modnation Racers with tons of customization.

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@SuperSpaghetti In my opinion MK8's mechanics and controls are boring so it wouldn't be as fun as Diddy Kong Racing even with the same circuits and even with gliding, swimming and anti-gravity all included in MK8 since the Wii U version. Something about MK8 and MK8DX is off and I think it's the gameplay and not the tracks. When I play Diddy Kong Racing, Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled or older MK games like Double Dash I feel that those games are fun and that MK8 is boring. I know that some people agreed with me when we were commenting a Mario Kart 8 article and I believe that these are the reasons.

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