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I am looking for an SDcard for my switch inexpensive but also larger around 256ish or more. I am wanting something that will last.

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You're not going to get an inexpensive 256GB micro SD card anywhere. Unless it's fake.



Buy a 200 GB card. For the money its worth it compared to what you pay for a 256 GB.



If you mean what brand, then I'd always recommend Sandisk, or Kingston as a good second alternative. I've heard that Samsung SD cards are also pretty good.

Nintendo Life did an article on good cards a while ago:

Amazon has a few good deals sometimes, so perhaps worth it to keep tabs on, and AliExpress is another good site:

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Costco 128G I just bought, well worth it.



What country u from?



I usually see 200GB cards for 70-90 USD. But I have seen them on sale as low as 50 on sale. And @3DTMOF84 has said, they are the better deal for the money than the 256gb cards which jump up a noticeable amount.

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