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What's up guys ? I've got an other leak about the next Nintendo Direct : a 40-minute ND leak would arrive on 9 or 16 August and present: First the 3ds: Luigi's Mansion would have a release date: October 26, 2018 (just for Halloween) A remake of link's awakening named link's re-awakening would come out in 2019 A new trailer for a remake of Mario and Luigi partners in time in development planned for late 2019 One or 2 other ads then It's All for the 3ds. Before switching to the Switch, a little more Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be shown (5 min) Switch to the switch: A little more of yoshi would be shown in a trailer : the game would be named Yoshi's flipside world and would come out summer 2019, Metroid prime 4 would announced for late 2019 with a small trailer, The World end with you: final remix finally have a release date: September 24 then new kits nintendo labo 3 and 4 would be released: early 2019 then some other announcements and a break; In this one, Nintendo says all about the Nintendo Switch Online that will be available on September 20th and then Nintedo announces 3 new games for the switch including a DLC first the D.L.C. long awaited for mario odyssey that would contain: Delfino Island and a new story with Luigi as Playable Character the story : Mario and Cappy were hypnotized by Bowser this new story would contain 3 new kingdoms just the Mansion Kingdom is announced the other 2 are secret. This D.L.C. would come out on November 15th. One of the new games is New Super Mario Bros 3 coming out December 21 with 2 new powers for Mario and his friends I do not have more information about these powers and the other new game is Pikmin 4 which has a trailer and release date: March 15, 2019
The direct ends with the announcement of the Nintendo 64 mini coming out on September 20 also.
But at the lastest minute, at the last minute, nintendo will make a last announcement with a trailer this one shows the title of a game you certainely know : Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch, spring 2019
With that, stay tuned!



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