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Ok so day one I purchased a Nintendo switch.
Long story short...after experiencing a day one problem with my Nintendo Switch and after speaking with customer support I purchased a second unit. This gave me a short opportunity to test 2 separate sets of Joy-Cons across two separate switch consoles.

The results are quite telling....

*during tests always maintain line of sight between the controllers and the consoles.
*whilst line of sight must be maintained also test with placement of hand in-front of Joy-Con.
*each console must be tested from the same location whilst the other console must be powered down to avoid interference.
*All Joy-Cons must be fully charged.
*Both consoles must be fully charged.

*Both consoles repeatedly produced the same results.
*All Joy-Cons have varying degrees of separation before de-sync/signal loss occurs.

Testing Results:-

Controller Set (1)

Red(1) - 15m - Pass
Red(1) - 15m - Pass (tested with hand in front of Joy-Con)

Red(1) - 20m - Pass
Red(1) - 20m - Fail (tested with hand in front of Joy-Con)

Red(1) - 25m - Pass/Fail (not consistently working)
Red(1) - 25m - Fail (tested with hand in front of Joy-Con)

Blue(1) - 15m - Pass
Blue(1) - 15m - Pass (tested with hand in front of Joy-Con)

Blue(1) - 20m - Pass
Blue(1) - 20m - Pass/Fail (tested with hand in front of Joy-Con) - not consistently working

Blue(1) - 25m - Pass
Blue(1) - 25m - Fail (tested with hand in front of Joy-Con)

Controller Set (2)

Red(2) - 15m - Fail
Red(2) - 15m - Fail (tested with hand in front of Joy-Con)

Blue(2) - 15m - Fail
Blue(2) - 15m - Fail (tested with hand in front of Joy-Con)

Whilst the assumption says the problems are with the Joy-Cons themselves I wanted to validate this prior to jumping to any conclusions. This has been since "Validated" on 2 different consoles. It is the Joy-Cons.

The blue Joy-Cons are not necessarily worse than the red controllers other than they just happen to be the one used to control Link and therefore more noticeable than the red. In-fact the best results in these tests were produced by a blue Joy-Con.

Whilst line of sight is not always possible and/or practical in the real was simply maintained to provide an oranges with oranges test scenario.

The results indicate a possible problem with discrepancies in the manufacturing of these products, otherwise the results should have shown equal distances across the board.

Please also understand that these results were reproduced repeatedly, each and every time on the same day of testing.

Theese controllers are a joy for those with better working ones (as shown in Controller 1 test)
but I say CON to those with issues (as shown in Controller 2 test).

In the real world environment, 4 meters away from my lounge, controller set (2) exhibited the so called desync issue on numerous occasions in a 24 hour period, controller set (1) has not done so in 2-3 days of use.

Make of it what you will but I'm not convinced of the response from Nintendo on the matter of Joy-Cons and interference.

And can I just add that I do not believe this a patch-able fix.

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I hope my set has no issues




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